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  • request for deletion

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  • Cool setup in terms of figuring out how to get 100% SY uptime. Always happy to see people experimenting with new builds!

    That said, I think I'd rather have a warrior bring a DPS build that can keep up SY! half of the time than one with 0 DPS and 100% SY uptime.

    I don't even run SY! on my Paragon these days now that Heroic Refrain is available. A Soul Twisting Rit hero with 20 Communing/17 Spawning Power is strong enough to protect your team against basically anything.

    Either way, thanks for sharing!

  • Hey, you're welcome!

    Even though I agree with the HR para + ST rit being very effective in terms of providing party-wide defense, I personally prefer dedicating one party slot for the role of party protection and use the other slot for a higher DPS character, which is why I'd choose one imbagon (or imbawar in this case) over one ST and one HR.

    But if you argue that an HR para compansates for lack of his/her individual DPS with party-wide HR buffing then as I said in the OP this is designed for cases where a paragon is not readily available.

    I guess I wanted to create an alternative to the cookie-cutter stuff. You gotta admit that a pug warrior is easier to find than a rit or a para in outposts.

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