Legacy Bounty Board

  • So I had this idea the other day of a bounty board system on legacy. Now, I would like others to give their input to see if it makes sense.

    The idea:

    A place designated for users to place bounties/tasks.

    Each bounty/task would have an attached reward.

    The 1st person to finish to completion with appropriate screenshot proof will claim the specified reward. The person issuing the bounty could also specify the proof required.

    Examples for possible bounties:

    1. Finish DOA HM with an all paragon team.

    2. Run 50 NM chests in Reed Bog.

    3. Find Hairy Knight in-game and steal one of his hairs.

    Now, in my limited thinking, I think this is a good idea and could potentially work. What do you guys think?

    • Official Post

    We currently have a Community events and contests forum where people can post challenges and contests with/without prizes.

    There have been some successful events posted there in the past. I've also seen the occasional ones pop up on Reddit, in the SC community, on Discord too.

    Its open to any ideas people come up with.

  • Hey Hairy Knight

    The Paragon Challenge is a nice idea. Personally I love to play Paragon since ancient times and I think it is possible to do. Sadly I dont have enough time for complete fullruns. Would you accept single area clears as well if all areas were cleared with the same build?

    Currently I finished the stygian area and I survived the 3rd room in foundry although i pulled all enemies xD

    I used cons and some pcons but no summoning stone so it really is a complete Paragon team ^^

    If I got some time in the next days I will go on and try the other areas as well with the same builds.

    Have fun