The Quest for Shards of Orr

  • Hello folks, as promised I'm here to report some results for how the SoO mission is going.

    Sorry to disappoint, but I still haven't been able to create enough time for a full run. But today I do have some relevant things to post that might keep you interested in the overall mission.

    I had a few hours to play casually today and I wanted to pop into SoO to remember how the paths were (where the dungeon locks are etc). Long story short, I popped in with a random hero group in NM and got to the end of the first level in no time. I strongly encourage you to examine the screenshots I'm posting below, since they are a clear sign of what is to come. with this hero composition who the lack of decent equipment and runes, and a total lack of cons got me this far. Now imagine what I would do in HM with that hero composition, fully equipped and runed and consetted heros. Enjoy.

    Oh and allow me how the run went. After carving my way through the end, I realized that I had to go back to retreive the dungeon key - at which point I discovered a bug. The bug was that you could go to Gadd's Encampment, go in, go back into SoO and clear DP to do whatever u want. My position was that I was bored and didn't want to go back to take the dungeon key so I entered Gadd's (this was also because my relatively new Para didn't have Gadd's at that point and I needed Hayda so I popped in). After I unlocked Gadd's I went back into SoO and realized that you can skip that big part of the first level by taking the quest from in front of SoO and then enter from Gadd's. When I did that though, I ran into this:

    So yeah, I think overall it was a good half hour that taught me a lot in the process.. I'll keep posting here everything regarding the promised SoO HM with the said build ^^