Friends and their Robot Friends

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    Hello esteemed Guild Wars Community,

    This is an open discussion based on various conversations with people in-game and outside through various media. For transparency's sake, I have censored names as the topic can be quite sensitive to some people. So without further ado, this will be told on a user-by-user story basis. As I find time to add more stories from my investigative journalism I will update our new friends.

    Friend #1:

    Name: O O O Moji O O O

    Friends: Outcast and Magma Robots

    Moji has been playing this game for a very long time. A high level of trust has been put into this person from the community and as it should since by default we must do nothing but trust. Moji like most players gets sleepy quite easily as many of us contend with a day job. Moji equates hanging out with his robot friends akin to an energy drink. You see when Moji is alone he doesn't play much but when around his friends he plays for months at a time. So why would these friends give him so much energy you ask? Well, these great friends are quite kind actually, they give him UNID item bundles since he can't keep up with them.

    These friends of his are actually really interesting as his inner circle keeps growing. Much like the late and great Dolly the sheep, these friends believe in cloning. To this end, they continue to clone themselves for the sole purpose of increasing Moji's happiness. More happy, more better, right? Well these wonderful clones and legion they are, help Moji to gather bundles of shields to sell to smooth brains of the community such as myself. The problem is we are consuming these bundles as the good consumers that we shall be to stay in the good grace of Gaile Grey. We, the community are but ants compared to the friends of Moji who through no fault of their own keep bringing him UNID bundles faster than we can consume.

    The loss of prestige is a side effect Moji could never have imagined when he started hanging out with these guys. Unfortunately, these guys however do pull in bundles of focus items, magma shields, raven staves, and outcast shields as if they broke the system. Moji has been delighted at the farming speed of these friends. Some people have questioned him about his friends in the past but he will defend them because such friends must be good if they are willing to share so many shields. So to this day Moji and Pals rejoice in the ever-growing wealth even if the community no longer enjoys them.

    Friend #2

    Name: ?????????????

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