Loading screen stuck at 99% SOLVED

  • So this has happened 3 times in a row so far. Doing tomb of primeval kings, get through the first 2 areas and im going to the 3rd area (The Courtyard), it will load to 99% with 1 file remaining and then bounce between connecting and decompressing over and over and never loads. Im forced to ALT F4 and restart the client and try again. Really annoying because it takes me a good 20-30 minutes to get to that point.. Anyone have any idea?

  • Thank you, trying this now, will update with results. *EDIT Seemed to do the trick, loaded on the next attempt, unfortunately i wasnt paying attention to the time and my router restarted on me and im going to have to make another attempt after I stop throwing things lol*

  • jjet5552007

    Changed the title of the thread from “Loading screen stuck at 99%” to “Loading screen stuck at 99% SOLVED”.