Fastest Chest Run - Cathedral of Flames (COF) - 100+/hr - NM or HM

  • I posted this in the Research Chest Running forum, didn't see there's this one which is more active. Hopefully it's OK to post here too..?

    Using a dervish and a monk hero with Spell Breaker, COF yields over 100 chests per hour (I average closer to 110), which count towards Treasure Hunter title.

    This isn't new, I just don't see COF mentioned as being the fastest overall, but I don't think anything else matches.

    I've logged data from 200+ runs. Number of times I've found:

    0 chests = 2%

    1 chest = 42%

    2 chests = 56%

    Average run time = 44.5s (Toolbox time, so add zone and reload).

    So on average, just over 1.5 chests/run. Around 50s per run, which gives around 110 chests/hr.

    This data is across both NM and HM but it doesn't change the spawns/time noticeably.



    Skill order is pretty nonsensical sorry..! I kept adding more shadow steps and jump and never reordered logically.


    Here's a video showing 5 runs at normal speed, 20 runs at 10x speed. Total 25 runs, in 20 minutes, opening 36 chests (108 chests per hour at this rate):

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    • As soon as you zone, cast Dwarven Stability and micro the monk hero to cast Blessed Aura
    • Start running, target yourself (default hotkey 'F') and micro SB on the monk hero
    • As you turn the corner and start running north, there's a group of 4 Charr, plus a Charr Axemaster that patrols separately
    • Target the Charr Axemaster, shadow step to it, and double jump from it towards the tunnel
    • Target the Charr Axemaster at the beginning of the tunnel and shadow step to it
    • Target an enemy in the patrol in the middle of the tunnel and shadow step to it. Jump from it
    • Use any recharged steps and jump to navigate the big room faster.
    • Open any chests you find. These can be in the tunnel, or in the big room:
      • just after the tunnel (run #1 in video - timestamp 0:32)
      • North from the end of the tunnel (run #1 in video - timestamp 0:48)
      • North-East (in the same direction as the tunnel) guarded by another single Charr Axemaster (run #3 in video - timestamp 2:36)
    • /resign

    Speedy Tips

    • Toolbox helps:
      • to see chests on minimap (give chests a custom marker - you'll see them bigger and pink in my vid)
      • to target enemies (for jumps)
      • to hotkey nearest locked chest
      • to skip the "Would you like to use a lockpick..." dialogue
    • Use a hotkey to target nearest item on ground (; be default I think, I mapped this to a side button on my mouse)
    • Use the /resign trick:
      • enter CoF once, turn around and run back through portal to Doomlore Shrine. Now each time you /resign you'll spawn in Doomlore next to the entrance to CoF
    • After resigning and zoning to Doomlore, press 'V' to target nearest ally and 'Space' to interact.

    Does this work in HM?


    Use this bar: Ogej4NfMLTjbHY3lUQ4OBM0k6MA

    Method is the same for the first 5 steps above (except only 1 jump, so can't double-jump on step 4).

    Cast IAU at step 5, and SF when SB runs out (after the tunnel).

    It's a couple of seconds longer. Lower retention rate, higher rate of gold drops. Can get elite and normal tomes. Choose NM/HM depending on your goals (e.g. I'm max Wisdom/Lucky/Unlucky, just not chest, so the fastest, highest retention run is best for me if I'm just looking to max Treasure Hunter).

    Can this be faster?

    Probably - open to suggestions. 2 ways it can be faster:

    • Not picking up loot
    • Using the remote chest opening in previous version of Toolbox - but this is bannable so obviously don't do this.

    Other Titles

    Also synergises with Wisdom/Lucky/Unlucky. In the video you see off the 36 drops, 13 are gold. I think the rate is somewhere around 35~40%. My retention is 70%, which means I average more than 1 gold per lockpick. If I sold the UNIDs for 1k, and bought lockpicks for 1.2k, this probably breaks even after selling/salvaging the purple drops.

    This is by far the fastest way to max Unlucky. With 50% retention, assuming 100 chests per hour, it would take 80hrs to max Unlucky from zero. Or 40hrs during double week. AFK nine rings is 2,000 hrs. But you do get to be AFK.

    Predicted comments...

    • "Chestrunning in xyz is faster" - I don't think it is. Prove it.
    • "The drops here are trash" - this isn't above drops, just speed.
    • "I can't half-brain this run like Boreal" - this isn't about ease, just speed.
    • "This run is boring" - this isn't about fun-level, just speed.

    Alright, have fun!

  • I really see the point of the run - speed. Appreciate you sharing gotta say the following tho :

    "Chestrunning in Skyway is faster"

    "The drops here are trash, OS is way cooler"

    "I can't half-brain this run like Boreal"

    "This run is boring"


    PS:hope you understand a little humor. it's nice to see new approaches and chest run content even after this many years. Thanks you for sharing πŸ™πŸ˜

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