Introductions Thread!

  • Hey there :)

    Tried Prophecies on a friend account around summer 2005, really liked it but everyone only cared about WoW and random fps back then so i didn't take the leap alone... one of my biggest mistakes.
    Played GW2 casually from last december to this summer, decided to start the 30hom before gw2 xpac and got hooked, can't really say why since i didn't play too much in 2005 but i really feel that old love/nostalgia with GW1.

  • Hey just found this site after all these years!
    Been playing GW since beta, but have started a couple of new characters in the last week or so. Just wondering if anyone still does Drok runs or missions. Willing to pay

  • Just wasted six years of my life on Guild Wars 2. All along something was missing I couldn't put my finger on. Finally figured it out. Just was not having fun at all.

    Back to the original game and having a blast. All my old guildies are gone and I'm just a one man guild for now. Having a lot of fun rediscovering the game and really enjoying the solitude. I had forgotten there is so much depth in the skill choices for me and my heroes.

    Will enjoy this game until they take it down..

  • Hi! I'm Dok.

    I started playing GW in 05, and joined GWG in 06. I played frequently up the GW2 release, and played sporadically in 2013. I came back to the game a couple months ago, and have been playing daily since. I enjoyed every PvP format in the game, and was disappointed, but not surprised, to find it's mostly dead (and heavily botted). My monk used to be my main, but since I've come back I've been GWAMMing my assassin. I've also been doing a lot of lower level SCs (daily urgoz for fun!) I was pleased to find this site and am happy to see you can still find people to do PvE content with.

  • Just started playing this week, so everything is new to me. I have never played prior. Havent played an MMORPG since Star Wars Galaxies. So far I'm really enjoying it. I can see why people go back to this classic version.

  • Hello!

    My name is Nicolas, currently 23 years old.

    I've been playing since I was 11 years old, since the Factions beta. First I was playing on my brother's account, but a few months later I received my own. ^^

    Been in love with this game ever since. Save from a few breaks in between, I never really got tired of it, and there's always new things I discover to this day!

    Looking forward to meeting more players. =)

    Reach for the unreachable. But above all, have fun doing it.

    ~IGN: Nicholas Romanyx~

  • Hello! I'm back to the GW grind after a year off. I've been playing GW1 since 2007, with a couple of hiatuses along the way. I miss the old Guru; glad I found this forum. Look forward to chatting and trading with you all. 8)

    Lose a minion, make a minion

  • Hello!

    Stopped playing maybe 8 years ago, got a pleasant surprise seeing that this is still going, didn't expect to find a full pre-searing ascalon city ! Loved this game both PvP and PvE, so I'm looking forward to see you guys around.


    IGN: Cypax Burns things

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