Gold Trimmed Guild Information

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    Hello everyone,

    Since the Team Quitter website is shut down permanently, I have created this thread to try and help facilitate the purchase, sale, information, and availability of Gold Trim Guilds.

    I am frequently messaged about Gold Trim Guilds, if I know any for sale, and if I know who is currently holding them.

    This table will start as a blank slate and it will evolve as time goes on. This is a prototype and I do not expect to cover everything right off the bat.

    How can you contribute to this thread?

    • Buyers - If you are interested in buying a gold trim - Please post what guilds you are interested in and a contact name or if you wish to be contacted privately. If you wish to offer a budget, that is entirely up to you.
    • Gold Trim Owners - If you own a Gold Trim Guild - Congratulations! You own a piece of Guild Wars GvG History! You have several options available to you below:

    Now what? 

    1. If you would like to establish that your Gold Trim Guild is NOT for sale on this post - I need to confirm you own the guild and then I can update the status. Your name will be anonymous unless you specify that you would like to have your name posted in the table below.
    2. If you would like to establish that your Gold Trim Guild IS for sale but would like to stay anonymous - Again - Prove that you own the guild and I can update the chart accordingly. I will not hand out your name.
    3. If you would like to avoid establishing anything about your Gold Trim Guild, I will keep it listed as "N/A". This thread is not for speculation.

    **I will keep a private excel spreadsheet on my computer that I will not share with anyone that will contain all of the confirmed contacts for Gold Trim Guilds.

    Gold Trim Guilds:

    Gold Trim Guild Name For sale? Contact Gold Trim Guild Name For sale? Contact Gold Trim Guild Name For sale? Contact
    Rebel Rising [rawr] No Hexen Redeemer The Last Captain [LaG]

    Galactic President Superstar Mc [awsm] No Elvi Lightbringer
    The Last Pride [EvIL] No N/A Whats Going On [sup] No N/A Talent Shredder [HDHR]

    Idiot Savants [iQ] No N/A Virtual Dragons [vD] No Karla Grey
    Heart Of Ashes And Dust [HAnD]

    Straight Outta Kamadan [KMD] No Ego Ownz History Repeats Itself [Cry] No Imy X Leah Queen And Country [QC] No
    Blessed Kamyck
    Kaputtmacher Der Feinde [kput]

    The Valium Knights [Vk] No Bloodred Burnout Friendly Aroused Unicorns [xoxo] N/A Goddienowrus Rex
    Uncle Syncs Whirling Axe Action [Team] No I I Sync I I War Machine [WM] No N/A Esoteric Warriors [EW] No Dephira Cadbury
    The Benecia Renovatio [RenO] No N/A Peace And Harmony [PnH]

    Team Everfrost [eF] N/A Stora Ge
    Delta Formation [DF]

    Mistral Edge [Me] No Act Hel Clan Union [Uni] No N/A
    Dark Alley [dR] No S N A P Society Stealing Society [StS] No Vow Of Amity We Want Cookies [NOW]

    Rebel Rising Extended Edition [rawr]

    Rebel Rising Directors Cut [rawr]

    Inadequately Equipped [GeAr] No Gladiator Lemstar
    Rebel Rising And Friends [rawr] No Uzi Vert Anonymous Amateurs [AA]

    Serious Gamers [srs]

    Young Money Merger [YM]

    Edible Granite Pencil [yumy] No Iddqd Legendary Dangerous Pumpkins [dP]

    Chipotle Mexican Bar And Grill [Inc]

    Get Good [GG] No Skittles Omg Inadquately Retired [GoLd]

    Illl Ill Il I Il Ill [Illl] N/A Rowan Loyola The Flying Pig Squadron [Illl]

    Alea Iacta [Est]

    Failure Is Not An Option [sup] No N/A Cupcake Brigade [Cake]

    South Central [cent] N/A Bahamut Blablamumu
    Forever And Ever [LaG]

    Stonebender House Mafia [sC]

    What Are You Talking About [wtf]

    Too Tired To Play [yawn]

    Superbad Team [Boo]

    으v트r 9000 [WHAT] No Skittles Omg
    Roadhouse Blues [tD] No Endo Ftw We Are The One And Only [rR] Yes Play To Twentyeight

    Husaria Pol [HSR]

    Get On Our Level [LaG]

    Oooga Booga [OG]

    Even Edel Said Valium [oink]

    Lags Are A Good Talent To Have [Yuli]

    Zero Quality [zQ] No Gladiator Motoko From Myspace To Yourplace [GanK]

    Transporter Kotwic [tK]

    W4ffle F으rm4ti0n [대트슈T] No Java Is Strng 出rise [USA] No
    Exile The God
    Good Better [LaG]

    I Lost M Y [mojo] No Taro Bubble Tea Killer Vs Zoulou [KvZ] N/A Miru N Da Hood
    Doing Work [DW] N/A V E R Y N I C E Ein Klassiker [Est]

    Here Comes Teh Pain [chmp]

    The Monstars Mean Team [Mean] No
    Leila Of Langlar
    No Opposing Party Joined [yawn] No N/A Better Than Rawr [LaG]

    Your Gold Cape Teachers [LaG] N/A Fallen Angels Z Minions Of The Rabbit Legion [pupu] No Tooburns Qc W E L T M E I S T E R [LaG]

    Il Northern Kings IL [NK]

    Dead Game Champions [DW]

    The Honor Knights [Noイ] N/A Public Enemy Roken
    Use Brain Ingame [iQ]

    Teh Galilieo Mystery [TEAM]

    Zesty Quesadilla [zQ] N/A Care Bear Honk
    I Disposable Heroes I [DirT] N/A Enso Renaissance European Sentinels [eS]

    Charr Siege Investigation [CSI] N/A Winry The Monk
    Virtual Escape [vE]

    Fancy Lads Of Pimping Society [FAPS]

    The Enemy Inside [Tilt] No Gladiator Lemstar
    Stuck On Frenzy pPROT]

    Fluffy Rainbow Unicorns [cute]

    Finnish Itters [Ns] N/A I I Sync I I
    The Hateful Eight [THE] N/A Tequila Flag Again Emperor Ronins Stable Boys [pipi] N/A I I Sync I I Dominanz Statt Arroganz [HH]

    Jung Brutal Und Gutaussehend [jBG]

    No Mercy For The Noobs [rip]

    World Of Throws [WoT]

    Owl Face [OvO] N/A Butters Does A Flip Please Enjoy Game [ヅ・ヅ] N/A Oo No Chance Oo Pfefferkuchen Armee [LaG] N/A Braindead Dome
    Dropouts Of Nolani Academy [yolo]

    Dunes Of Disrepair [EU] N/A A German Thing Genderless Sovereigns [XXY]

    Moms Id Like To Follow [MILF] N/A Strive For Game Of Throws [GoT] No Gucci Du Drama The Last Revolution [LR] N/A H Emo

    *A Blank square means I do not have any information - Secretly or Publicly

    **N/A in the "For Sale" column means I do not know and you will need to reach out to the owner. I can update to Yes/No upon request

    ***Yes/No in the "For Sale" column AND "N/A" in the Contact column means the owner trusts me with the secrecy of their identity and they will stay anonymous unless otherwise instructed.

    Your information is anonymous unless you tell me otherwise. If you would like to contribute to this thread - Please PM me.

    I will expect all interested buyers to post here in this thread. Sellers can watch this thread and reach out to potential buyers via PM.

    And of course - My Trade Mod Services are always available for your convenience. My IGN is "Gladiator Motoko".

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  • Motoko

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  • Hey

    A list of mine for u couple of them sold

    Dead Game Champions [DW] - Godly

    Emperor Ronins Stable Boys [pipi] - Sync

    No Mercy For The Noobs [rip] - sold to pve

    Owl Face [OvO] - Butters

    Pfeffercuchen Armee [LaG] - Dome

    Dropouts Of Nolani Academy [yolo] - sold to pve

    Dunes Of Disrepair [EU] - Shisha

    The Valium Knights [Vk] - Brent

    Uncle Syncs Whirling Axe Action [Team] - Sync

    The Last Revolution [LR] - Hemo

  • Btw I don't think any are for sale its just so you know who has them.

    You can try to contact them if u like tho

  • Thank you for everyone's contributions so far. I have also received a lot of PMs in game as well as in the PvP Discord room.

    I am starting with my excel file and then I will transfer the information over here as I have several people requesting to stay anonymous.

    The information will shift with a lot of publicly known owned guilds (Such as PvPers) who may take more pride in the fact that they still own a trim they won. The general consensus is that PvPers do not really care if it is known that they own a guild or not, so I will be adding their names. Also, I do not know if these PvPers are set on not selling - Perhaps if the price is right they may be persuaded to change their minds. So for the time being, on PvPer owned guilds - I will leave the "For Sale" section as "N/A".

    If you see your name added on here and you would like it removed, please drop me a PM and I will do so ASAP.

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  • Looking to buy a Guild (Pre-2013 Guild Highly preferred)

    Willing to pay 400a+ Depending (open to negotiate post 2013)

    IGN: Wintergreen Queen ~

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  • Does anyone have information on this gold trim guild, [QC] queen and country, owner and if it could possibly be for sale.

    Ty in advance.

    Also interested in [Sc] stonedender house mafia.

  • Does anyone have information on this gold trim guild, [QC] queen and country, owner and if it could possibly be for sale.

    Ty in advance.

    Also interested in [Sc] stonedender house mafia.

    The QC info I have is listed in the chart.

    [sC] rumors that I have heard say that the core does not know who has it or it was stolen.