Arm Challenge #1: Best Screenshots (NEW Price pot: 40a!)

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  • 1. Competition screenshot


    2a. Traditional haiku (written by Garwein Shadefire, a charr poet):

    Thundering feet of

    legion after legion's march.

    Scorched butterfly wings.

    2b. Contest idea:

    Pitch the plot of an Elona-based Guild Wars Beyond quest line.

    3. Numbers: 42, 72, 80

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  • Hello happy community ! Nice, really, to meet you. It feels good to find that 250 years ago, there's still have a lot of people.

    Thanks Lexx for the idea of this challenge. Here are my entries.

    1. Majesty's Rest (Kryta), RotscalevibyRUy.jpg


    Rotscale. But no fish.

    Come, respect his majesty,

    Just here take a bow.


    A timed treasures hunting (based on /age screenshots). 8 players team with obligation to bring kill proofs or something like that. =}

    3. 23, 33, 76

    16h02 Edit: Forgot to title my screenshot. ^^ Done now. :) And last, this tip about my haiku pun.

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  • Thanks all, the event have turned out rather well so far! :) There's still about 12 days left, so encourage your friends and guildmates to join in.

    53 unique numbers picked (62 in total):

    (Jayson, Peter Crypt, liyetong randomly assigned)

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  • 1) LBVzrSJ


    From Ascalon's fields,

    To distant Canthan forests,

    Such sights to behold!

    2) Find a way to solo/duo/trio clear a dungeon WITHOUT consumables.

    3) 15, 67, 84 (I'm entering three pictures but I did the others anyways :D)

    Just made this account so I have no idea how to format the link correctly. If anyone could correct me that would be nice! :(