PC on my items please

  • Hello community,

    I haven`t played much in the last couple of years and I wont to get space in my Chest.

    So let me know if this is pure merch or trying to sell.


    q9 Demonic Aegis com/str (insc)

    q9 Elemental Blade (insc)

    q9 Ghostly Staff soulreaping (insc)

    q9 Ghostly Staff divine (insc)

    q9 Mursaat Hammer (insc)

    q9 Gloom Shield (black +30-5/20% insc)

    q9 Eternal Bow (insc)

    q9 Chaos Axe (os 15^50)

    q11 Chaos Axe (insc)

    Really appreciate your time and help in advance.


    Holy Keksor

  • Hey

    elemental sword-> merch

    q9 demonic aegis -> would merch both (maybe you can get like 5e/each, but this skin drops a lot at zchest)

    mursaat hammer -> 10e

    q9 chaos axe -> 30/50e

    q11 chaos axe -> 5/10e

    For common items like this, you can have a look at https://kamadan.decltype.org/ ;)


  • q11 inscript chaos axe is merch

    the q9 15^50 chaos is more like 20e or at max 30e

    gloom shield probably like 40-50k since its q9 with 2 dual perf inscriptions on it

    both q9 ghostly staff - merch

    eternal bow like 60-70 maybe up to 100k