WTS Some weapons (Collector items?)

  • Hello there, had been collecting through my playing some interesting items as I may see them. Don't know if they will be worth anything, but maybe there are particular collectors of this kind of weapons. Here you go!

    Goldleaf Defender (q6 motivation, 14 armor, inscribable, blue)

    s/b 1e

    c/o 1e Hyndzy


    Tower Shield (q8 strength, 16 armor, inscribable, blue)

    s/b 1e

    c/o 20e abitnippy


    Conjuring Staff (q8 Spawning Power, 11-21, 20% HSR, inscribable, purple)

    s/b 1e

    c/o 25e Agent Chevy


    Paper Fan (q7, +11e, NON max, white)

    s/b 1e

    c/o ~


    Fiery Dragon Sword (q9, naked (as a FDS can be), purple)

    s/b 1e

    c/o ~


    Divine Symbol (q9 Divine Favor, +45 w/e, +10 armor w/hexed, gold)

    s/b 1e

    c/o ~


    Thank you for your time!

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  • Conjuring Staff 25e

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    Definition of "Collection": An Accumulation of objects gathered for study, comparison, or exhibition or as a hobby.

    Note: Definition does not specify rarity or value, although it could be a choice, it's not a requirement.