WTS Prophecies, EotN Runs. + Cantha Glitch Tour.

  • Hi, I offer running services to any area of Prophecies or EotN; I also offer a "Cantha Glitch Tour".

    My prices are un-negotiable and are what I see as fair for my time; they are fares I have been paid in the past.

    Before an EotN tour please make sure you have watched The First Vision at the Scrying Pool in the Eye of the North outpost; and taken quests from Gwen, Ogden and Vekk.

    You will need a vampiric weapon if you intend to go AFK; I can supply this.

    I offer straight A->B runs with optional outposts in brackets for extra.


    Ascalon - > Lions Arch = [15e] + (Piken Square, Grenditch Courthouse, Yaks Bend, Ice tooth Cave, Beacons Perch) = [20e]

    Lions Arch -> Sanctum Cay [10e] + (Bergen Hot Springs, ToA, Fishermans Haven) = [20e]

    Lions Arch -> Henge of Denravi = [30e] + (Bergen Hot Springs, Beetletun, ToA, Druids Overlook, Quarrel Falls, Ventari's Refuge, Maguuma Stade) = [40e]

    Lions Arch - > Droknars Forge = [20e]

    Beacons Perch -> Droknars Forge = [15e]

    Droknars Forge - > Granite Citadel = [20e] + (War Camp) = [25e]

    Droknars Forge -> Marhans Grotto = [20e] + (Copperhammer Mines, Iron Mines of Moladune) = [30e]

    Droknars Forge -> Copperhammer Mines = [15e] + (Iron Mines of Moladune) = [20e]

    Full Desert Tour = [20e]

    Full EotN Tour = [30e] + (Central Transfer Chamber) = [40e]

    Full Prophecies Tour = [195e] *Every Mission, Town and Outpost in the game besides, Dragons Lair, ToPK and Ring of Fire Islands*

    Cantha Glitch Tour = [125e] *Kaineng > Marketplace > Senjis > Maatu > Boreas > Zos > Breakers > Cavalon > Gyala > Leviathan > Unwaking Lux > Harvest > Unwaking Kurz > Vasburg > Eternal > St. Anjekas > HzH > Altrumn > Arborstone > Tanglewood Copse*

    Payment will be half BEFORE and half AFTER run or at my discretion.

    IGN: Miho Khann

    IGN: Aria Moonshot

    Leader of "The War Against [EviL]"

    - Started May '06

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    -New Full Prophecies Tour Service Added
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    IGN: Aria Moonshot

    Leader of "The War Against [EviL]"

    - Started May '06

  • could you do war camp to droks?

    Hi yes I can do that for you; send me a PM in-game if you still need.

    Sometimes it's better to reach me in Guild Wars as I don't get notifications here :)

    IGN: Aria Moonshot

    Leader of "The War Against [EviL]"

    - Started May '06

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