Green Items Farmer - Even Sorrows Furnace

  • Hi guys,

    whenever I got some time on hand I like to go to areas noone else does :) On my way there I often encounter Bosses and some green items drop. That's why I would like to offer you my Green Item Farmer Service.

    I will farm all green Items in Cantha, Elona and EotN, which will drop from enemies outside of Dungeons or Elite-Areas. (So no DOA, no Dungeons, no Green Items from Endchests of Campaigns).

    If the Boss is near an Outpost I will take 10e for the green Item.

    If the Boss is very far away from an outpost I wil ltake 50e for the green Item.

    Everything in between can be discussed.

    Not sure if this Service is needed or not, but you can just pm me here or ingame.

    IGN: Nimbly Crow

    Gl to you all

    Special Service - Sorrow's Furnace

    This area has its name for a reason. I will farm Green items out of Sorrow's Furnace for 100e/ea. So think about it before you order items from there.

    I will do this area without any quest, so not all Greens are obtainable. In the following link you will see a table in which you can see what Bosses I will farm (Go to the first colum in the table labeled with "unaccompanied")

    Click Me

    Current Customers on the list: sorted in the way they approached me

    Bibi Roxxberg - Delivered (He is a funny guy and a bit insane ... and masochistic) xD

    Mr S L A V E - Delivered

    Moqua Tyroth - Delivered

    Bibi Roxxberg - Delivered

    havox - Delivered

    Death and Dante - Delivered

    Bibi Roxxberg - Delivered

    Gentleman Xander - Delivered

    Neutral_CH - Delivered

    Bibi Roxxberg - Delivered

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  • Damn Son that's quite a list xD

    Alright some notes from me. As I mentioned before, I'm just farming in Cantha, Nightfall and EotN. So no Proph (no WIK) and no Elite Areas (like Sorrows Furnace).

    Considering all of this, I will farm:

    Deeproot's Sorrow: 20e/ea (x14) - another boss on the way

    Focus of Hanaku: 10e/ea (x7)

    Wingstorm: 10e/ea (x7)

    Quansong's Focus: 15e/ea (x7) - boring way

    Changed the number of items requested -> new price

    Total 525e - Discount of first Customer 40e = 485e

    (this will take a while xD)

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  • Stygian daggers

    Zoldark's Staff

    Bortak's Bone Staff

    Vetaura's Harbinger

    Mallyx's SavagerBartholos' Bulward

    Jayne's Staff

    Iceblood's Warstaff

    Moteh's Lightning Spire

    Whyk's WandHanaku's Focus


    Icicle staff

    I hope i sorted out all Proph items..
    Just PM me once you're done.

    Ing. Bo Osa

    Thank you!

  • Alright,

    first order completed .... (I'm dead inside) xD

    Will do some EotN Greens for MR S L A V E and after that I do some of Moqua's Green List (but no Dungeons and no Endgame Areas)

    Best regards

  • no sane person would have completed my order in such a short time, handcuff this man! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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