WTB discontinued GREENS!

  • Finally finished with everything that can drop! I'm now looking for a few that are discontinued.


    Old version of Ziinjuu's Sanctuary

    Link to wiki here: https://wiki.guildwars.com/wiki/Ziinjuu%27s_Sanctuary

    Old version of WoC staff, Faith - does not have 20%HSR

    Link to wiki here: https://wiki.guildwars.com/wiki/Faith

    Old Faction end game Wayward Wands (only need the 5 that were altered!)

    Link to wiki here: https://wiki.guildwars.com/wiki/Wayward_Wand_(unique) (Scroll down to the "Notes" section)

    If you know of any other discontinued or altered greens that I'm missing here (other than Wroth's Holy Rod and Kephket's Refuge), please post here or message me in game (Alexa Jaide). Thank you in advance!

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  • As in a similar thread I replied to a while back, I've seen an ooooold screenshot of Flint's Artifact having a green inventory icon (to match the actual color of the item) and not the standard blue icon that frost artifacts usually have. But idk if an "old" Flint's Artifact would still have that different icon or if they were all changed at some point.

    Another that I forgot to mention in that thread was https://wiki.guildwars.com/wiki/Zarnas%27_Wrath.

    Again unsure if the color change on the item (this time the item itself, not the icon) was retroactive.

    Digging a little deeper just now, found this. A bunch of stuff shown in this is different now, whether it's mod order, mod wording, or % values. I'm sure the wording of a lot of it was a retroactive change, but this seems to be from when these were first released, which was before my time in the game. Ones with different % values (10/10 sundering on Bludgeoner for example) might still be the same? Honestly have no idea about these.

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    Thanks for the info, Unholy! As far as the Flint's Artifact and Zarnas' Wrath, I'm not sure. Wiki didnt have any info on a color change for Flint's, but I'd love to see and compare if anyone has an old Zarnas.

    As far as the wording on those in the picture, I'm almost 100% sure they were all updated to the current wording. I have a couple of those from the picture customized on another account and I know for sure they were from days or maybe weeks after greens were first released. Man, they were the hotness when they first came out! As far as the Bludgeoner, I can't be certain but I think the 10% were universally updated to 20% when the sunder value changed. If someone can show me otherwise, I'd love to see though!

    So I finished up with the Deldrimor Weapons today, and officially have 984 unique greens. The 982 currently obtainable (hope I'm right on that!) plus an old Wroth's and Kephket's. I'll keep updating this on the off chance that anyone has any of the discontinued ones and doesn't want to charge an overly stupid amount for them. To be honest, I already consider the goal I set to be complete.

    Thanks to all that helped me out! Grandor Shock, keeping me sane, and getting a few to drop on his first run thru after I'd soloed it 40 times. Mr Slave for some donations, tips, and math comparisons. The really lucky guy from Kama (don't know if he'd want me to name him) that threw a Jor's Thunder in the trade window a few days back. And everyone else who sold me a few (or more than a few in your case, Unholy!).


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