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  • Hey guys!

    Couldn't help but notice there isn't a lot of active running threads here at the present time. We are currently offering the following services:


    After reading over the above graphic again I realize we did not include this, but...

    AFK will need to be worked out with the runner. We will not charge more, however there may be extra requirements from the runner.

    Do note that we don't check the forums very often, you may also contact us via the following methods:

    Discord ->

    ^ (mods if this is not allowed I will remove this link ASAP)

    You can also pm the following people in game with any questions regarding this service or to :

    El Chapo Dan

    Weaken Armor

    Moon The Confused

    Nsterz Mistress

    See Ya Mr Tortilla

    Jirina Capova

    Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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  • Hi Dan,

    I'd like to purchase the following please:

    • The Underworld
    • Fissue of Woe
    • Urgoz
    • HM missions in Nightfall

    IGN: Cylixz

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