Q9 golds

  • Hey all !

    I hope you're all doing fine. I need some space in my storage, so here are few stuff I have. Spending hours in kama trying to sell stuff is pretty annoying to me and even if I could just merch them, I like the idea of giving to the community time to time. I might be naive but I hope you won't take anything just to sell it after yourself, think about the others who might be interested for them, for their heroes, for a collection or whatever. And even better if it goes to new players, even if I'm not sure there are many now.

    So take a look, let me know if there's something you want ! My ign is K A Y A , if you want to talk directly in game.

    Have fun all :)


    • Plat wand.jpg
    • Ancient scythe.jpg
    • Ancient axe.jpg
    • Blaz.jpg
    • dead cesta.jpg
    • Dolyak.jpg
    • Drag staff 2.jpg
    • Dragon hornbow.jpg
    • Dragon staff.jpg
    • eternal flame wand.jpg
    • grinaxe.jpg
    • gw010.jpg
    • gw014.jpg
    • plat longbow.jpg
    • re defender.jpg
    • unholy.jpg
    • Plat sickles.jpg
    • Spinal staff blood.jpg

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