E/W Solo Smiter Farm

  • Hi again guys n gals,

    I know you're prolly fed up with me but here's another one. The reason I'm tryna come up with these odd builds is because I don't have an assassin, monk or a dervish, and in all honesty I'm too lazy to spend dozens of hours grinding one so here we are.

    This is a tested solo smite farming build and there are a few pointers I'd like to list before you take advantage of the Free UW/FoW week;

    1) have at least rank 5 delver

    2) if you haven't, you might wanna learn the skeleton of dhuum patrol routes because you can't kill em with this build

    3) watch out for nightmares, if they remove your dwarven stability at a bad time things may go south fast

    4) for those who are unfamiliar with UW, sweep the starting area to root out nightmares and hidden grasping darknesses so that you won't run into bad surprises after getting Clear the Chamber quest.

    5) for the speed buff you can choose between Sprint or Storm Djinn's Haste, but I prefer Sprint cuz a) you can run indefinitely with it as long as you have Dwarven Stability on and b) it can't be removed.. Drunken Master or Soldier's Speed are not recommended because the conditional speed boost is often not enough to break aatxes' aggro when they chase you.

    6) Remember that Protector's Defense is a Skill and not a Stance. That means D. Stability only doubles the duration of G.Defense. Protector's Defense is only used to cover the 10 second gap it takes G. Defense to recharge.

    7) Careful not to move while Protector's Defense is on.

    *Running this build without a +%20 enchant mod is possible but ill-advised.

    Now to the build;


    Fire: 11 + 1 + 3

    Tactics: 12

    Energy Storage: 6

    Staff with %20 %20 / +5 energy head / +%20 Enchant mod


    For Off-Hand: Fire Focus with +15 Energy -1 Degen Mod and Focus Core of Swiftness and a Sword Axe or Spear with +5 energy mod and +%20 Enchant mod if you wanna feel safer on the Energy side.

    Full Pyromancer Insignia Armor with 3 attunement runes, 1 Super fire rune and 1 Vigor rune. Pyromancer Insignia is necessary so that Zealot's Fire damage from multiple Smiters is reduced drastically.




    The gist of this build (as explained in my other thread) is that you cycle Gladiator's Defense and Protector's Defense with the help of Dwarven Stability to have a perma %75 block chance. On a good day, you manage to avoid nightmares, but even if they were to remove your D.Stability while there are mobs on you, you kill the melee attackers so fast you won't need to cycle the two defensive stances for very long. When you enter the chamber take the first quest and put up your Stability. Lure the darknesses down the stairs with the speed boost and dispatch em with Stability -> G.Defense -> Glyph-> Lava Font -> Flame Burst -> Inferno. If they somehow survive let G.Defense drain their remaining HP so that you can conserve some energy.

    Part 2 is getting from the Chamber to the Smiters. I'm sure UW veterans won't have much trouble but you gotta memorize the skeleton patrols on the way from the chamber to the Ice Wastes. Don't forget your speed boosts to break aggro, and try to avoid the three Graspings on the way. For newcomers this part can be tricky I must admit, but with practice you'll sort it out.

    Part 3 is the smiter area. So the beauty of the build is that you're not actually "hitting" anyone so SOJ is never triggered. Secondly, you gotta activate Glad Defense before smiters start hitting you, so that they can't drain your HP too quickly. Lastly, a word of advice is that you shouldn't start using the AOE fire stuff before the entire smiter group surrounds you. Don't worry, their damage isn't dangerous even if they all get close to you cuz a) defensive stances b) Glyph of Restoration and c) you fry em so quick they can't even cast anything. If they spread to avoid aggro, wait for them to surround you again before you recast your AoEs. Just don't aggro 2 smiter groups at once. And when they surround you the Casting Order is as follows: (While you have Stability up) -> Gladiator's Defense -> Glyph -> Lava Font -> Flame Burst -> Inferno -> Flame Burst again -> Lava Font again. In order to manage energy, let Glad Defense do as much damage as possible before casting Flame Burst or Lava Font for the 2nd time.

    I guess that's about it. Enjoy the free UW FOW week y'all

    IGN: Kryth Vocans

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  • Hi Seven, thank you :)

    Yes it is possible to fail runs at times, but after doing the run for 5 to 10 times you get the hang of it. I've had the opportunity to practice a lot during the free UW week so I feel comfortable now, but for someone who doesn't have that opportunity the learning curve can be demanding.

    I think the most dangerous thing with this build is how smiters can kill you unexpectedly if you don't ball em right and kill em fast enough. So the necessity of a healing skill is duly noted. My only quip with glyph of restoration is that if you drop GoLE for G.o.Restoration then energy management becomes a problem, and if you drop one of the fire magic aoes for G.o.Restoration then you can't kill smiters fast enough.

    I will look for a way to improve the stability of the build though. Perhaps take some points away from Fire Magic and put em to Energy Storage to drop GoLE for GoR? :/

    IGN: Kryth Vocans

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  • I appologize I am currently stuck not able to play for any significant amount of time so couldnt really try this out and its been years so I dont remember how many smites were in a group. But would it make sense to go e/a with like dwarven stability-flashing blades-sliver armor-stoneflesh aura-that running skill that I cant remember the name of but I think its 8 second duration at 0 deadly art(might be dark escape)-plus some energy management and extra damage

    Like 12 dagger mastery 12+1+3earth and 3+3 e storage

    Run like +5 energy 20%enchant martial weapon

    Shield +10 vs peircing(i think its peircing) +45 (i think should be 100% upkeep possible on both stance and ench from dwarven stability so one of those)

    Between the blocking from flashing and sliver armor and the damage reduction of stoneflesh damage shouldn't be an issue. And I don't think sliver or flashing blades cause scatter. Sliver armor dosen't have 100% upkeep but flashing blades does and the downtime shouldn't hurt to much.

    As it is it shouldn't need much in terms of energy management but glyph of lesser energy or something shouldn't hurt.

    Either way always cool seeing something done in a new way.

    Never mind forgot an important detail

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  • Hi, wow thanks for the input guys.

    End correct me if I'm wrong but flashing blades requires the player to be attacking in order to be active and smiters casting Shield of Judgment will bust that up.

    Another thing is that Sliver Armor is an enchantment which can be removed by a nightmare mid combat if you aren't paying attention.

    The AoE spread is a thing tho that's right, but the monsters keep coming back after they spread so it's not that big a deal.

    By the way I've given Go. Restoration some thought and figured that it is possible to remove Flame Burst and replace it with Go.Restoration. Sure The mobs will die more slowly but it's safer, more stable, and Glad Defense will play a more active role in dealing damage. Also, Lava Font is spammable so I don't think it'll be a problem. I'll test it and post the results.

    IGN: Kryth Vocans

  • Just tried dropping one of the Fire AoE skills for Glyph of Restoration. It works well with G. Darknesses but Smiters can simply resist the AoE by spreading and healing so it's not enough damage to kill em =/

    Then I thought about replacing one of the Fire AoE's with Phoenix to sort of both deal damage and provide healing but the healing from Phoenix doesn't trigger if you aren't overcast so that didn't work either. Then I thought about adding a skill with Overcast but then the Energy Management flops so I got back to square one.

    I'm afraid we're gonna have to work with what we have on the Original Post. It's not so bad though, you learn how to use it effectively after a little trial and error. This week is perfect for that imo.

    Last but not least; I'm also gonna test an Earth variant of this and post the results.

    IGN: Kryth Vocans

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  • Right so I updated the original post altogether as I have found a buggy/cheat-y skill to replace Shield Stance.

    Apparently Protector's Defense, despite its description, affects the caster too. This is listed as an anomaly in the Wiki, but it's a blessing in this case as now we can run the build without having to use a shield. We can now have a decent caster weapon set, can drop GoLE, and take Glyph of Restoration without having to worry about energy management.

    Also, since Protector's Defense lasts for 9 seconds (x2 with D.Stability) at 10 Tactics, it's much much easier to cycle with Glad Defense, and lowering Tactics from 12 to 10 allowed me to up Energy Storage from 6 to 10 points.. Combined with the Staff instead of Shield, it's a huge energy boost and you can now use your Fire AoEs with reckless abandon.

    Tested it, works like a charm, and is much more stable due to added healing.

    Just keep in mind that you can't move while you have Protector's Defense on.

    IGN: Kryth Vocans

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  • I don't know why I can't delete posts and this is awkward but while I was doing some UW runs with this build I realized that Protector's Defense is not a stance but a skill. Updated the first post accordingly.


    IGN: Kryth Vocans