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    Don't just naysay, do it! Whats the worst that can happen first of all, and secondly it only takes 5 min away from gw time in hopes to bring alot more life to gw

    do you really think anet is going to listen to 20 people who are going to send 2 emails about a game that barely makes them any money and whose game is the least active of what they have?

    and do you really think no one tried it before ?

    Ok thank you

    After if i'm not mistaken the changes in game are not always notified on the wiki for example a few weeks ago there was a change in the number of people at kamadan per district which was divided by 2 and this is not wrote on the wiki.

    Is it me or since a few days (see the end of the event) the regions of Kama US have all less players maximum (?) That's why they are more numerous and it is almost impossible to reach the region 1 (?) :/

    Edit: I confirm! All regions have less players than before, below is the region 1 of Kamadan US. Almost half of what I saw before. (GJ Dr.Stephen :thumbup: )

    well i asked on reddit at dr.stephen if he could put back the same number of players in each region as they were before the event but never got an answer I don't know if a ticket can do anything?

    i just add another answer of dr.stephen

    The "bug" (really the way it was coded) is that there is an n^2 algorithm - so the game slows down with the square of the number of "agents" active. Normally this doesn't matter because n is small because maps are divided up into internal zones that limit the number of active agents. But the Eye of the North is a one big round area so n grows quite large; even if a single instance of EotN was put onto the fastest possible AWS server the n^2 cost would still outgrow the speed of the server. So we'll need some other solution for next year.…h_ping/hr05uj6/?context=3

    i just add new answer of dr.stephen on reddit

    (GW1 game servers are not shared with GW2. They are on completely different instances at Amazon. Maybe this rumor started because they do share the same login servers.)

    Something in the Wintersday event causes huge CPU spikes; I reduced the number of players in each district to minimize the odds of this happening, but some change in behavior this morning has caused a lot of crazy high pings (whch equates to high CPU on the server). I don't remember this being so bad last year, but player behaviors change, and the game reacts in odd and interesting ways sometimes.


    dr.stephen put answer on reddit and said this

    Yes, this is a bug. Something in the Wintersday maps isn't cleaning itself up properly, and the map goes slower and slower and slower; and can affect other maps too. I've put in some configuration changes as a remediation, and it is helping.

    I love your workaround! BTW, Eye of the North has been having similar issues.


    I suspect the bots make it worse. I'm starting to suspect it has something to do with a lot of people loading into a map at once - probably a bug that has been there since before the game shipped.

    2nd link

    unfortenaly it's often like that during the event of christmas i suggest you to change district (eu,asia or international) you will have less lag than district america

    Hello, is it possible to go on eotn level 1 or 2? or from level 10

    from only level 10 unfortenaly it was possibl before 2008 to be level 9 or less but if im not wrong it's not anymore possibl because the bug was fixed (but maybe i have wrong and someone know a bug to how do it but for moment never see someone who can do it)

    one of the videos that makes me laugh on gw

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