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    Hi again,

    This is a fast way of farming non-caster mobs (griffons, trolls, devourers, minotaurs etc. ) in NM for Necro primary.


    Blood 9+1+1

    Soul Reaping 9

    Tactics 12

    Norn title 5+

    Dwarf Title 5+


    Full Tormentors with;

    Minor Blood on Head

    Vigor on Feet

    Attunement for rest


    The Sufferer (not possible with another scythe) with Zealous, Enchant and damage while enchanted mods.



    Lemme know if there's anything you can't sort out.


    major revision of the OP so bump

    question btw; on the wiki it sez scythes hit up to 3 enemies, but having tried this in game I see all adjacent foes health go down when I hit one with scythe. Anyone knows what that's about? I don't have a dervish so I'm not well versed in how scythes work.


    I know it's a bit of a stretch but this was tested and designed for cases where an imbagon is not readily available or when the para wants to run a different build.


    Tactics: 11+1+3

    Channeling: 12

    Strength: 4+

    Luxon/Kurzick Rank: at least 5


    Full Radiant Set with Super Tactics on Head - Vigor on Feet and Attunement for Rest

    Furious Spear with +5 ene and +30 health

    Tactics Shield with +30 health and -5/%20 mod



    How it works:

    Basically you spam everything as soon as they recharge except WoF and You Will Die. Flurry + WoF makes up for a sustainable IaS + adrenaline + energy management. The reason Flurry was chosen over Drunken Master is because +%33 IaS is an absolute must to be able to spam Save Yourselves. +%25 or less IaS is simply not enough, and constantly opening the inventory to get drunk is not necessarily feasible in the middle of combat. If you say you can pull it off though don't let me stop you. Finally, at least rank 5 Luxon/Kurzick title is a must for this to work. Remember we do not have the perks of being a Paragon here and we have to compensate for the Warrior's shortcomings with such strategies.

    Other than that, before you approach a mob the skill cast order is ideally as follows: WoF + FGJ + To the Limit + Flurry + Save Yourselves. Then you spam everything the moment they recharge except WoF and You Will Die. You have to pay attention to the duration of WoF and recast it when it's close to expiration. If you want, you can bring Soft Res instead of FomF. That's the gist of it.



    Been lookin for ways to farm vaettirs with necro primary (don't ask why it's a long story) and came up with this. You can also use it as an all around necro primary farming build. Enjoy.


    Soul Reaping 11 + 1 + 1

    Shadow Arts 12

    Deadly Arts 6

    Norn title 5+

    Vanguard Title 5+


    Full Tormentors with;

    Minor Soul Reaping on Head

    Vigor on Feet

    Attunement for rest


    The Sufferer (not sure if it's possible with another scythe) with Zealous, Enchant and damage while enchanted mods.

    The build and how it works:


    Speaks for itself I suppose. There's no limit to how many vaettirs you can tank but if you happen to die due to lag or something you can aggro smaller groups, clear DP and pick where you left off. Make sure to spam Dodge This as soon as it recharges for optimum efficiency. You can also swap Weaklings with Mental Block if you like but it can be more energy heavy. Haven't tested it so be warned.


    Hi all,

    Want to clear some inventory space and say goodbye to my mini unded Asura as well.

    (Selling stuff for the first time on GWLegacy)

    It ain't legendary stuff but tbh I can use the cash and the space so here's the list.


    Unded Lich

    Unded Asura

    Perfect Mods:

    Strength and Honor x1

    Forget me Not

    Focus Core of Fortitude / Aptitude / Swiftness

    Shield Handle of Endurance (+45 in a stance)

    Vampiric / Sundering / Zealous Bowstrings

    Sundering / Zealous / Fortitude (x2) / Enchanting Dagger mods

    Wand Wrapping of Memory

    Insightful Staff Head

    Swordsmanship Hilt

    Enchanting Bow Grip


    Murakai's Reaver

    Deldrimor Javelin

    Mallyx's Recurve Bow

    Urgoz's Shortbow

    Jadam's Spear

    Wing's Axe

    Thornbeard's Hornbow

    Forgotten Shield (str)

    Prismatic Rod

    Shattered Illusion

    Heleyne's Insight

    Exalted Aegis (tac)

    Droknar's Sword

    Ilsundur's Rod

    Ceremonial Spear

    IGN: Kryth Vocans as seen in my signature.

    Have fun y'all.

    Kamadan trade chat says they go for around 50e by the way. I've checked in game and got the same answer from players. I don't think anyone's gonna cough up at least 100e for that green. Thank you for the answers tho!

    I don't know why I can't delete posts and this is awkward but while I was doing some UW runs with this build I realized that Protector's Defense is not a stance but a skill. Updated the first post accordingly.