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    agree with a good update being necessary but not something for the sake of keeping the player-base preoccupied with fluff so to speak. I still have hope for a minor-midsized graphics upgrade at the very least.

    Not expecting a skill balance patch but I think they fixed the ridiculous anti farm laws of days of yore with the latest update. Tho not sure %100, here's to hopin.

    My problem is sorted now. Reached out to and they required me to change my password. After that no more login problems. Hope it works for you too guys.


    good to know I'm not the only one being sat out , bad to know the issues are by the numbers now.

    I m being told on the launch screen that I have to use the two factor authenticator to log in but A) I don't have that programme to install whereever, and B) I don't use a smartphone anymore and I'm not sure whether that thing downloads on a pc.

    (somebody please say it does lol) oh well

    I wholeheartedly agree with everything you said. a) people ARE brain dead, they think the game has endless resources when in fact the game economy reflects the world economy in a very just way - by spinning it the way how it should be: NO INTEREST.

    So the materials salvaged, the materials gathered, sold, bought etc they all reflect the game's finite resources, and the idiots who still think they're playing GuildWoW (in their sweet dreams - what a pathetic mood if you ask me) can continue to go fuck themselves in GW2 and play with their tiny weeners there.

    My analysis of this situation is that cons will still be used but not extravagantly. They will be used the way they should've been used since forever: WHEN NECESSARY. Spamming a con in every level of a dungeon is just bollox.

    So back to where you started; yes people are brain ded. And now unded.

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    Oh man, look, people are doing this shit for me,

    Aaand the meta goes to hell in a handbasket.

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    Good night, and when you do come back, fuck off again will ya?

    And to give you a bit of information about the gw.dat file in general for those who wanna know, it's a long ass fucking time to read all that because it's SOHOOO FUHUUCKING LOOONG. Think of a 3.5 gb notepad file. Or imagine how much you would have to write in a notepad file to make it 3.5 gb you know what I'm sayin?

    So before going "oh I'm just gonna rimuv rit skinz" take a deeeeeeeep breath and prepare for your computer to get stuck for 2 hours for wordpad to load a TON of code lol.

    Jokes aside, even if you somehow manage to open to the dat file. I strongly recommend that you make a copy of it somewhere else in your computer because if you fuck up that long a code somehow you'll send your soul to kingdom come lol. Joking again of course. 1 copy will make your job very easier. But as I emhasized above and emphasize again. You have to move through a LOT of code and find the places where you want to change, put in the numbers and names (like for example u wanna turn keen chop into meat chop and make it 1 mana) without breaking ANYTHING else. Type in one ; wrong and your code doesn't compile and crashes. And you have to start the process all over again with your back up copied dat file etc.

    So yeah, again, we would need to form a council of professionals to extensively discuss, read, write, change the dat file into a better version. Which is what anet should've done aeons ago :)

    That's it for now folks, let me know if you have more questions and I'll try to answer them as I have more time. Stay frosty and take care! :)

    Such as skill reworks/balancing? I would sell my left kidney for that. Do you mean that your mod would be in a separate instance from the main game (other servers)? That would prevent the serious abuse potential for farming which otherwise would arise with freely balanced skills.

    Yes you can do all that no problem. And please don't sell your kidneys =), left or right =P Jokes aside the answer to your question is a resounding YES. You can not only rename skills, you can balance them too. (or even remove the stupid rit weapon skins) But here's the catch. If everyone manipulates their own dat file to their own liking (assuming they know how to read, change and write a bit of code) most people would probably abuse this and give keen chop +100 damage for zero mana if you catch my drift. My proposition to this problem was that a bunch of decent players band together on an online platform (dunno where) and extensively discuss what to balance and how (because there are shit tons of skills) and make like a "community version" of the game where the shit doesn't hit the fan every now and then.

    Then they would have to make this particular version of the dat file downloadable/distributable on a open source/community platform (like github maybe? I dunno that site well) and let anyone who chooses that version of the game play that version of the game.

    And to answer your last question; even if every person made their own version of the game (as in their own dat file), my understanding is that they would all be able to connect to the same common good old gw server but when he hits you with HIS keen chop you die but when you cast YOUR empathy it takes two seconds if you know what I mean. That's my understanding anyway.


    Hi guys thank you for your patience. I will answer both your questions one by one

    Fenrir, the gambit system is perfect, of course, but it's a bit of a "game system" that an entire digital game is built on. If you wanted to implement that kinda thing into the dat file not only would it take aeons, you would also have to know epic code writing skills to implement that kind of system into a game that has it's own mechanics and literally remove Anet's HERO AI code and put your own version with improved optionality. This would then change the gameplay altogether and give players another dimension of gameplay where they can open a window to TELL their heroes how to act or "behave" so to speak for hours etc. This, of course, again, provided that you have the code making skills of a computer god. The graphical interface required to accomodate that input is an entirely different story on its own so I guess I'm bursting your bubble, sorry.

    Personally I wouldn't use that kind of system anyway because it would take too much time with SO many skills for SO many heroes and presumably SO many characters to play with but I totally understand why you feel the need for that kind of system because hero ai in gw1 is simply not good. Or rather, it's really good but it is not functioning the way it's supposed to these days that's for sure. Here's to hoping Anet will be a good little boy and do what they are supposed to do and MAKE THE FUCKING GAME WORK lol. Just kidding of course, they're very lazy but I'm still hoping and demanding for a polished hero ai and expect anet to deliver as we are still their paying customers. If those noobs expect me or you to write the hero behavior they should've implemented ages ago for us they can fuck off to kingdom come lol.

    would u consider selling it to moi? ^^

    edit: ign: gale valen

    It is possible by manipulating the guild was dat file but you need to sift through a lot of code and know what to type over which line. I have a few preferred changes which I intend to test and I'll report whether these kind of minor changes are possible. Actually I want to make my own version of the game without breaking the rules to prevent it being from unbalanced/overpowered/unfun. We'll see how it goes, stay tuned.

    ps: I hate the rit weapon spell skins too. lol. donT have a problem with avatars tho