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    Guys, do U have any idea why i have crazy lags on FOW? Any other locations are ok for farms and just pve. I'm farming on fow and its so fraking annoying. Please give me some ideas. Thanks

    Did you have try to change district?

    I don't know if you play in district America or Europe but try to change

    Yes and no, i explain (trad Fr/Eng->):

    In the video Kaos run to the mission outpost: Gyala Hatchery, without prerequisites and no quest. Just perform the glitch known on Luxon portals, whose invisible box, representing the limit of interaction with the player, leaves an empty when closed and in which the player can "slide".

    Once in Gyala Hatchery, the video does not show the run in real time, Kaos uses the World Map to teleport. It is necessary to understand that it is mandatory to perform the mission Galya, with its minimum completion and then take the main quest: Journey to the Whirlpool, in the outpost: Leviathan Pits. (The same goes for the mission: Unwaking Waters (Luxon), to access the main quest: Taking Back the Palace, if you want to finish factions from there and have access to the outpost: Raisu Palace).

    Yes i forgot for the mission but for the quest than you talk personaly i use toolbox with function dialogs (mission faction) for jump them.

    But the person who get a run doesn't need to take a quest just the one who runs can take, it's that i mean.

    • You cannot be easily ran there, because House Zu Heltzer requires a quest to access. I don't know whether you can enter it if the runner has the quest.

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    no need do a quest for get house zu heltzer you can see on the video of Kaos .

    Hello i search someone who can do gold trim service for my guild (not a gold trim guild)
    Basically, i decide the name of the guild and you will get the gold cape and give me the leader after the MAT.
    I pay in armbrace around 1200A the price can be discussed, we will use bobu as Middleman/trademod.
    If you can and if you are interested i let you send me a pm.