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  • u r so stupid to speak on wall, u can't even use "pm".

    No balls, u write a post then u delete it... sadly ppl can't see u re-open a discuss 4 months later... who cares what u think about dude? You were drunk when u were writing it, so i can understand u have deleted your post xD

    if u could know how many arms i've made on my thread, that's mean ppl likes my stuff. That's all. ggbye

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    • Oh no he appears! tru trashcan strikes again! What shall we do and how will we ever stop him and his botting friends/guild mates he tells us all about? My dude go back to your scummy guild of botters and keep to yourself. If you haven't noticed, most true collectors on this forum wont bid on your stuff because 1. the items are botted and 2. no one respects you or your forum because you go back on pricing as well as overcharge for items. You legit said on systems page that you and your friends bot. Imagine botting a dead game.

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    • facts? scummy guild? which guild dude? apparently u have slept, so now u can try to argue :D , 6 hours ago u were drunk, then u have re-opened a 4 months discuss maybe bc u have had a sad night...

      noone bid? u have not checked my thread for 4 months... i've sold a lot of stuff kiddo.

      And u start to trashtalk, up to u idc, i do my job, i sell, i sell and i sell, should have made around 100a or more, dw for me, i sell here and ingame, and i have lot of friends here, Foresta, red, and few others, so your argue are false.

      only jealous ppl like u says i'm a botter or my guild/ally is botting, i mean only u, bc i have spoken with other ppl like ishida who as thinking i was botting, then now they buy my stuff

      As i said, gg bye

    • Hey broski, your words not mine. You're the one who said your guild bots. Also what gives you the impression I was drunk? Everything I said was sober, coherent and accurate pertaining to you.

    • i have never said my guild uses bots Oo, seems u really retarded... raging guy or just a troll kid?