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  • Its a 15% -1 hp for the q9 zodiac bow in case ur wondering

  • 100e bow if u need

    • 100e for witch bow u talk about ? :s

  • Message me ign willow is back

  • The Writ has Garbok's Cane for sale if you're still looking to buy this :)

  • Hi :) 5e for both of the mods you mentioned sounds fine to me. As for the ice breaker, the current offer on it is 30 ectos.

  • Hello :)

    let me know when you online. we can do the trade.

    Ign: Evil Boy Gu

  • Hiya, you've won the q9 IDS from my auction for 10e- let me know when you are ingame, my IGN is Sinning Victory

  • Since you seem to know about guilds, can you pm me if you know anything about the original Wckd?