About Guild Wars Legacy

Welcome to Guild Wars Legacy, we're happy to have you here!

Ever wondered how this website came to be, who is behind it, what our goals are and perhaps some technical insight?

This page, ever one being edited and being constructed, is aimed to give you an insight about Guild Wars Legacy.

How did Guild Wars Legacy start?

The origins of Guild Wars Legacy go back to May 2016, many years ago by now. Back in the day, Guild Wars Guru was the biggest Guild Wars fansite and just like Guild Wars Legacy, it was built by fans for fans.

During the years, however, Guild Wars Guru got acquired and eventually became property of Curse, which eventually got acquired by Twitch (in 2016).

It looks like the acquisition of Curse was already underway in early 2016, as it was decided that Guild Wars Guru would be closing shop and a new area for Guild Wars 1 would be created on the sister site, Guild Wars 2 Guru.

Since Guild Wars 1 and Guild Wars 2 share little except the name and the same lore and are completely different games, this caused quite a bit of backlash in the Guild Wars community. Several people banded together to start an alternative to the Guild Wars 1 section on Guild Wars 2 Guru, one that would be run by fans for the fans. Out of this initiative, mainly spearheaded in the Facebook group Guild Wars: A New Hope, plans for a new site grew.

The community was polled for a name and quite quickly the name Legacy turned up and since this name perfectly embodied what we wanted to do, we adopted this name.

Over the years, Guild Wars Legacy has grown immensely and has become, together with other networks which rose in popularity over the years (like the Guild Wars subreddit, or the Guild Wars discord server), one of the most popular places on the internet about Guild Wars 1 and probably the de-facto trading hub for Guild Wars 1.

Who is behind Guild Wars Legacy?

Guild Wars Legacy was founded by Iaerah (known back then simply as Kevin), who is still running the website. Co-founders are Mr Crow, Cosyfiep and Max Borken.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Iaerah on [email protected] (or by PM). Keep in mind that Iaerah does not moderate on the website and moderation questions should be raised to Cosyfiep or Bsoltan.

What are the goals of Guild Wars Legacy?

Simply put: to protect the Legacy of Guild Wars. To provide a place where players can trade, can talk and ask questions, browse for knowledge and group up.

We aim to be the best companion to the game that you can have - but keep the official wiki close as well.

Our goals are not to do everything and we welcome working together. We don't want to replace anything, we don't want to force ourselves, we just want to be here and provide the community as best as we can.

If you are working on something and require some help, or want to have some help hosting a tool you've built, feel free to talk to us - our only goal is to improve how you play Guild Wars and be there for the community.

Who/what is paying for this?

At the moment of writing, all hosting costs, the costs for the domain and the renewal of the software are being paid out of the pocket of Iaerah. While we do offer a donation system, donations are a rarity and we often go months (or years) without donations.

This, however, isn't a problem for me (Iaerah), as Guild Wars Legacy is a labor of love. It's a playground where I learn new skills and can try out new things, it's a place where I can love the game that formed me in my youth.

So, while donations are not required, they are ofcourse always welcome - for that, you can use the Donation button in the navigation bar. You can also visit https://guildwarslegacy.com/paid-subscription-list/ and grab a monthly supporter plan, if you so desire.

A Patreon is something that might happen in the future, but I find it hard to justify this at the moment, but for further growth of Guild Wars Legacy to continue, this might happen in the future.

Who no ads?

At the time of writing, Guild Wars Legacy features no ads. This has multiple reasons, but the main one being that we have been banned by Google AdSense and haven't been able to receive even a single reply to find out why or how to rectify this.

Several other avenues have been looked into, but at this moment, ads are not being run on the website.

Do you have any further questions?

Feel free to let me know and I'll try to answer them.