Download DirectSong music files

After Guild Wars launched the Sorrow's Furnace update, DirectSong was introduced to the game which allows you to use high-quality versions of the soundtracks as well as exclusive tracks in-game.

Sorrow's Furnace used to have no own soundtrack and required you to download the Music Pak from the DirectSong website (for free). DirectSong also provided a Battle Pak music expansion and exclusive tracks for the Collector Editions.

Unfortunately, it has been years now since it was possible to legally buy these items or even download them if you have legally purchased these before.

Due to the website of DirectSong being gone for quite a while now and their support being legendarily bad, we have decided to offer a download of these files from our server.

Keep in mind that we do not condone piracy and you should only download these files if you have legally bought them. We have, however, no way of verifying if you have bought them.

Since we find that you should always have access to content that you have bought, we provide this mirror.

If a legal way to download these files is introduced, we will stop hosting this mirror.

In order to download these files, please confirm that you have legally bought them previously: Yes, I confirm that I bought these before

To unpack this, you will need 7zip - further instructions are included in the zip-file.

Make sure to copy over the dll files to your Guild Wars installation directory.