Guild Wars Legacy Rules and Guidelines

What is this document?

This document tries to explain what Guild Wars Legacy is and what is expected from you as a user.

Guild Wars Legacy strives to provide a helpful community that offers both knowledge and resources to improve your gaming experience.

In order to allow this to happen, several rules have to be lived by - one of them being, for example, the request to post in the right topics.

1. Before you post

  1. Don't feed the trolls - report posts but do not respond to them
    We have a team of qualified and helpful moderators that will look into every reported post and will use their best judgment to deal with reported posts.
    Every comment or response made to a reported post that is found to be trolling will be deleted as well.
  2. Use search and look into the suggested posts
    Guild Wars Legacy has a neat feature called search, which allows you to browse all of the previous posts - perhaps what you're asking has been asked before.
    Search should be your starting point, before you ask any question. Questions that could be resolved by a simple search query will be deleted.
    When you're writing a new post, Legacy will offer you several posts that might be similar to your post - make sure to look into this as well.
  3. Some subforums might have different rules
    Several of our forums have different rules - these are clearly stated in a Rules post in the category.
  4. Do not abuse features for unintended purposes
    Signatures, avatars, profile banners are intended to be about the user itself. Don't post anything here that is about another user.
    An exception to this can be guild recruitment.

    Negative outings on these places will lead to warnings, temporarily blocks of the abused feature or a permanent ban of those features for your account.

2. During posting

  1. Use English
    The only language that is being supported on Legacy - in order to allow for easier communication - is English. Don't engage in practices like using leet-speak or try to make text hard to read.
    Don't use all capitals, don't use a ton of punctuation marks.
  2. Banned subjects
    The following (non-limiting) list of subjects are banned on Guild Wars Legacy:
    - Politics
    - Religion
    - Illegal activities, including botting or piracy
    - Sexual content, including pornography
    - Gore
    - Linking to sites which excist for people to engage in EULA breaking activities.
    - EULA breaking activities
  3. Trolling and flaming is not tolerated
    Nobody likes trolls, not even in the dungeons. Don't insult anyone, don't belittle anyone.
    Treat everybody with respect.

    Posting messages with the intent of causing disruptions or provoking other users into responding in a hostile way is not tolerated and will be punished.
    Continued offenses against this rule lead to a permaban.
  4. Hijacking or derailing threads
    When you talk about completely different things in a running conversation, this can work very confusing. Don't do this - you can get a warning for this and your post might be deleted.
    If there is enough merit for this, our moderators might break out the discussion in it's own thread, but try to avoid causing situations like this.
  5. Spamming
    Don't spam in any way - not much explanation needed here.
    If you participate in spamming, you will risk warnings and banning of your account.
  6. No advertising and never use affiliate links
    Don't advertise anything - and this includes embedding streams in your signature (linking to them, however, is fine).
    You can receive a warning for this and repeated offenses can lead to your signature being permanently (or, for first offense) a temporarily disabled.
  7. Botting and EULA breaking
    In general, talking about botting itself is allowed as long as the talk does not contain information about how to set up bots, how to create them or how to run them.
    Specifically, it's prohibited to promote them, mentioning how to obtain these and write tutorials on the use of them - these will lead to a severe warning.
    Trying to evade the Guild Wars bot-detection or prevention is not something that should be discussed on Guild Wars Legacy.

    Discussion about botting, including their effects on the in game economy and whether or not they're needed for the game is allowed, as long as this discussion itself stays civil.
  8. Guild Wars Legacy moderation
    Guild Wars Legacy only moderates based on what happens on Guild Wars Legacy itself - we are not the Guild Wars police.

3. Moderation actions

  1. The moderators of Guild Wars Legacy try to take the right actions, but mistakes can happen.
    We do the things we do to facilitate the best possible environment for the users. However, we're not perfect. If you have any kind of feedback regarding moderation, whether that be in regards to a particular issue, rules for a forum, or anything else, you are encouraged to open a private conversation with the relevant moderator. It is not acceptable to publicly discuss actions taken by moderators or the rules themselves unless such a conversation is explicitly condoned by a moderator.

    If you are unhappy/unsatisfied with the answer that you have received upon contacting the moderator, or the moderator hasn't responded in a timely fashion (please allow up to a week for answers), you can mail to [email protected] - this is a special email address that will deliver your mail to several moderators.
    Please try to explain everything as well as possible in this email, as to allow us to form a good image of what happened.
  2. Warnings
    Warnings are a system that will give you points - upon reaching certain thresholds, these will activate penalties on our site. This happens automatically upon receiving warnings and can't be disabled by our moderators.
    Warnings are generally non-disputable, but you can always contact Kevin if you do not agree on [email protected]
  3. Bans
    We do not take bans lightly and in most cases bans will not be reversed.
    Things that automatically warrant a ban are: creating more than 1 account, posting in the name of somebody else or impersonation, etc.
    If you wish to contest your ban you'll need to mail to [email protected]

Guild Wars Legacy reserves the right to edit or remove posts without notice or having to give a reason.

Posts will not be edited without a good reason and moderators will always be able to see the original content.