need ferry to kaineng from monastery

  • Could you provide a bit more details? From Monastery, I assume that you haven't done any of the missions yet?

    In such case a "run" would take approx. 50 minutes and include the completion of 3 missions as it's the only way to get you off the island.

    With this info and a bit more details, it might be easier to negotiate a price.

  • i remember a while ago when i use to play people were able to take new characters to the main land like they ferry in Kamadan to the docks for max armor

  • As far as I know, this is no longer possible. The minimal requirement to get to mainland from Shing Jea Monastery would be:

    1. Complete Minister Cho's Estate

    2. Follow storyline to Seitung Harbor

    3. Get a direct run from Seitung -> Zen Daijun, bypassing quests.

    4. Complete Zen Daijun mission

    5. Ferry over to mainland.

    I tried my best to bypass some of theese, for example to create a single profession Canthan character. The lowest level I got off the island was level 5 I believe.

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