OS Dom Platinum Wand

  • mhh difficult piece, they so damn rare to drop with req and mod matching but yet its 1%off and "only" q10...imo wands are extremly hard to sell as soon as there is just 1off, even when its q9. also there is a insc version on dom attribute so imo that lowers the value too, cuz if you want to use one you´re better off using a 20/20 insc one. (for other attributes you cant rly get any insc versions, so imo it would have been worth more if it would have been some other attribute)

    if it gets some attention maybe you can get like 20-200e? give it a try, worst case your hero will have to enjoy it some more :)


    ign Qu Xji (pm me here, not online much atm)

  • cosyfiep

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