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  • Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

    I'll update this thread regularly, so feel free to get back every now and then.

    Here are the conditions for my giveaways:

    • My giveaways are exclusive to GuildWarsLegacy forum which means that you have to make a post in this thread to be eligible to receive any of my free items
    • You have to post your selections on this thread, I will then reserve the item for you with priority on first comes first serve basis
      • e.g. if person A posts a selection for a specific item, and a person B - after person A - does the same for the same specific item, I will reserve the specific item for person A first for 48h
    • You have to post your ign (in-game name) either on your post or via PM through the forum (if you don't want to make it public)
      • I don't give you any items, if you don't share your ign with me
    • You may take as much items as you need, though I do this to help out the playerbase

    My ign: Roy Ryu Hayabusa

    My online times: Usually during the evening (18-23 o'clock CEST)

    All weapons are inscribable and max stats, unless otherwise mentioned.

    Gold Weapons:

    Fellblade - req9

    1x Dusk Blade - req9


    Gothic Axe - req9

    1x Icy Blade Axe - req9

    1x Celestial Axe - req9

    1x Chaos Axe - req11


    Dragon Kamas - req12

    2x Kris Daggers - req9

    Ancient Daggers - req9


    Platinum Longbow - req9

    Aureate Longbow - req9

    Forked Hornbow - req9

    Eternal Bow - req10

    2x Storm Bow - req10

    1x Storm Bow - req10

    2-Hand Staffs:

    1x Platinum Staff - req9 Energy Storage

    Dragon Spire Staff - req9 Inspiration Magic

    Onyx Staff - req9 Inspiration Magic

    Jeweled Staff - req9 Illusion Magic

    Conjuring Staff - req9 Spawning Power

    Ghostly Staff - req10 Divine Favor

    1x Platinum Staff - req9 Energy Storage

    1x Earth Staff (Elona-type) - req9 Earth Magic

    1x Hypnotic Staff - req9 Illusion Magic

    1-Hand Staffs/Scepters:

    Voltaic Wand - req9 Energy Storage

    Pyrewood Scepter - req9 Fire Magic

    Flame Artifact (Eye-type) - req9 Fire Magic

    Earth Wand - req9 Earth Magic

    Platinum Wand - req9 Domination Magic

    Boar Scepter - req9 Domniation Magic

    Hypnotic Scepter - req9 Illusion Magic

    2x Spiral Rod - req9 Curses

    1x Baneful Scapter - req9 Smiting Prayers


    3x Goldleaf Defender - req9 Command

    Deadal Shield - req9 Motivation

    Inscribed Chakram - req9 Domination Magic

    Holy Vial - req9 Protection Prayers

    Divine Symbol - req9 Divine Favor

    1x Goldleaf Defender - req9 Command

    1x Celestial Shield - req9 Tactics

    1x Draconic Aegis - req9 Motivation



    2x "Sheltered by Faith" -2wE

    1x "The Riddle of Steel" +10a/Slashing

    1x "Through Thick and Thin" +10a/Piercing

    2x "Like a Rolling Stone" +10a/Earth

    2x "Leaf ob the Wind" +10a/Cold

    1x "Not the face!" +10a/Blunt

    1x "Through Thick and Thin" +10a/Piercing

    1x "Like a Rolling Stone" +10a/Earth

    1x "Leaf ob the Wind" +10a/Cold

    1x "Riders on the Storm" +10a/Lightning

    1x "Sleep Now in the Fire" +10a/Fire

    Party and Alcohol Points:

    out of stock

    Undedicated Minature Pets and Tonics (From Birthday Presents):


    1x Prince Rurik


    4x Candysmith Marley

    3x Oola

    3x Jora

    2x Burning TItan

    2x Nornbear

    1x Kirin

    1x Charr


    out of stock


    1x Everlasting Vekk

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  • I'd be interested in the following, since I'm missing them in my HOM.

    - Shiro

    - Prince Rurik

    - Dagnar Stonepate

    - White Rabbit

    - Freezie

    - Kirin

    - Charr

    - Koss

    - Flowstone Elemental

    - Roaring Ether

    - Shard Wolf

    - Summit Giant Herder

    - Aatxe

    Please only give me as many as you wish.

    Thank you!

    IGN: Anur Darvesh

  • Hey! Just came back to the game after about 10 years to work on HoM some more and got hooked again.

    Are the Dagnar, Jora, Freezie, and Burning Titan minis still available? Also, would I be able to get the Fellblade and a Storm Bow? Thanks so much!

    IGN: Rystek Telarim

    Edit: Thanks again!

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