Hero Paraways

  • Fissure of Woe

    The classic Fissure of Woe. This area is not that hard, if you know how to use a bow to pull enemies. The only critical moment I had was in the Forge where you have to protect the Forgemaster while those Shadow Beasts run up the Hill and cast [Spiteful Spirit] on your group. That alone is no problem since you outheal the Spiteful Spirit Damage quite easy, but it damages the Forgemaster as well if your heroplacement is off a bit and I nearly wiped that way. Apart from that you have to look out for a combination of [Spiteful Spirit] and [Empathy]. The Burning Forest was actually no problem at all, but these Undead Groups with the Skeletal Bond / Skeletal Icehand / Skeletal Ether Breaker are really hard to deal with.

    Since I haven't done any FOW-SC in quite some years I didn't know the aggro bubble of those griphons you have to protect. That's why I took the long way through the forest at that quest and cleared all enemies before leading the griphons.

    Player: OQej0xmDKTOMMMHMWYtl9YAhn1A

    H1: OQGkQtVoJimTRpvwVswqMfc9meD


    H3: OQikIuloZiiDE+BjxswR4wPJmeD

    H4: OQCjUinMqOQ4gcGWEzh7wpYVMA

    H5: OQakkwl25hmDEuryhDxqOYRKWeD

    H6: OQikIul4ZiiDEuIjxs3Z4TcKWeD

    H7: OQOl0YPSJeuo68uJJt4OsZ8lkil3

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