Shiro'ken Farming

  • I'm tired of chestrunning Raisu palace for dem GPBs, is there a way to legit kill groups of hm shiro'ken instead?

    the only thing that worked for me was trapping the first 2 groups outside imperial Sanctum...

  • Indeed there are groups of warriors, rangers and sins outside harvest temple but how to farm them? I tried many builds possible and it always fails. there is an old archived build on pvx but it sucks, doesnt work.

    there are not many areas where you could possibly farm them. AFAIK it's pretty much :

    - Outside imperial Sanctum into Raisu palace explorable

    - Outside Harvest temple into unwaking waters

    - the Raisu palace mission

    Also about the groups outside imperial sanctum, you can go directly north after exiting the portal, avoid the first group there (there is another path before the stairs where the first group will be).

    The second group patrolling with 4 shiroken there will always always be 3 rangers and one necro so you can kill them EZ by avoiding their arrows behind a wall. but it's just this one group in the area with fixed professions so its the only one that can be realisticaly farmed...

    Did you find something? I need more IQ lol.

  • There used to be a pretty good Farming build as Me/Mo // Mo/Me with Sympathetic Visage (+Copy Skill) to Farm outside harvest temple.

    Thats from way Back with Spirit Bond.

    But the Killing Toolkit might still work, so maybe A/Me?

    Group them up, drain their Energy and let their own spirit of Famine do the work.