A compilation of my 8 vs 16 HA builds

  • Good day. :) It's been a while since I posted anything lengthy on this forum, however, I thought some of you might be interested in taking a look at the renewed version of contents within the article I have published a few years ago at Guild Wars Guru, it contained a lot of information in regards of how the team could pick the right strategies at the last map in case the pressure is applied from more than just one side. The general recipe being a counter to that, like I've mentioned before, consists of introducing the multiple copies of instantly-cast MS along with the Panic Mes to negate the spellcasting of the henchs, at the same time, if we're talking of the builds like Hex-Cond pressure, the whole picture shifts into one that's a little bit more intricate.

    To ease the access to the builds for those of you who aren't using paw·ned² to browse through team setups, I've posted the references to most of my layouts at this page, along with having the same materials attached to the zip file at the end of this message, in which you'll also be able to find the original Guru thread with the outlook on 8 vs 16 strategies & generic squad setups.

    Hope some of the guilds with unfaded HA interest will deem the provided info useful in the light of the recently-commenced Double Fame event, and who knows, may be we'll even run something together, if you'll send a private message with the data of whom I should contact in-game or what IP address should be utilized to reach your guild's TS.

    Happy Wintersday to all who have taken a look at the expressed. :)

    The link to the full version of the attached file, since some technical difficulties seemed to exist with local downloads.

  • Greetings for one more time, folks. :) I wanted to let everyone know that I've been extensively updating the small parts of what was supposed to increase the team's overall efficiency in application to running some of provided templates this week, and thus, if you have downloaded a copy of released setups in the past, now it would be the right time to acquire a renewed version of it.

  • GL with those builds -.-

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  • They actually are just basic concepts of which setups might be brought in order to increase the probability of winning an unfair, 16 vs 8 game. Or, defining it more precisely, they represent a simple indication of what kind of a few mandatory skills like Panic or Meteor Showers should be there.

    If I was personally intending to run that kind of configuration right now, I'd have gone for the replacement of H. Boon & LS backline with the regular HB & RC Monks carrying Channeling & Mantra of Flame, since a single rupt bot of the Yellow team is not likely to be able to shut down more than 60% of what your group's backline will be casting, even upon severe pressure.

    The important part behind the notion of arranging sustainable backline to counter 16 vs 8 is that a Rit (or an E/Rt) should always be there in party's layout & be largely focused on supporting the Fuse & the Prot, not doing stuff like running the relics or putting weapon on "Make Haste!" spammer. The team just has to defend well by rapidly booting henchway out, not letting it be dominant over their base.