Glint - Solo Ranger Low req Farm

  • So iv recently had some people ask me where i mostly farm some of the low reqs inscriptables for my collection. Im sure this method is known to people, but for some of the newer guys here you go.

    So the Main 5 places i would farm low reqs are , Snowman Lair, Raptors, Ghosts in Desolation, 1 spot i cant even begin to describe... and this one. They all have different level varients so the drops are all differ slightly. For this one, there are 3 differnt mobs spawns, lvl 10, lvl15 and lvl20 offered a good range of reqs. The idea is to farm the first wave only since after this wave the mobs increase to lvl 24+. Im sure allot of people are aware of a similar farm due to the afk farm that is possible for heroes and allows you do complete the hole thing. The reason i do it solo is to not split the drops, allowing me to get them all.

    This is my build: OgcTcZ88ZiHRn544AiA6uU4IuEA


    For Armor and weapons, i used full Blessed then you have the option of extra health or energy, This can be done without a +1/3 expertise, the dmg difference is only 1. Weapons are simply a caster main and a shield with a health mod and +10 vs Peircing.

    The only 2 issues to learn with this farm, are energy management, your basicly using Storm Chaser to replen your energy, even so to the point you cannot cast all your all your enchantments in one go because it all costs to much. It also requires you to have line of sight on the enemy, so you may see i stop before going around corners to make sure i have full energy for the upcoming recasts. Secondly, wall blocking can be a bit iffy, between the 3 mobs, they have 2 different attack ranges, so if you over step slightly when trying to ball them you end up with 2 stacks, meaning that when you try to wall block them some will scatter.

    Now go farm some low reqs and sell me the good ones ;)

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    IGN: Snoop Snail (Not very active in game atm. Msg me here for trades!)
    --> WTB q3-8 Gold Inscriptables

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  • I really like that farm. And it gives decent q0 drops.

    I prefer to replace mental block or the ench with serpents. Pull them up the hill. Use deadly paradox, sf, storm chaser then serpents. After that pull them in the spot youve shown. Serpents will also last for the next sf and you can run without scattering the foes.