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    First problem with poll: your timings are wrong. 5pm GMT isn't 10pm Eastern. It's 12 noon Eastern.

    Also, there is no option for the EU adults that work for a living and start playing after dinner, so around 8-10pm GMT (that's 3-5pm Eastern)

    I'm all in favour of an expansion, would be great! I'm sure if you surveyed players, they would all say the same. It's a bit like getting a petition to keep the local pub open- 99% say they are in favour of it. 80% say they will use it. 10% actually use it, it loses money and closes down.

    As I pointed out earlier and echoed by Kevin, smaller bits would be much more likely to happen. An entire expansion would need a budget running into several millions as well as 1-2 years lead time, plus advertising, recruitment, etc so $10-$20m US Dollars as a bare minimum. To recoup that sort of cost needs sales of 1m copies. Let's face it, none of that is likely unless someone supporting this voting has very deep pockets. Is one of you called Musk? Until someone comes forward with some concrete proposals, a petition isn't going to get anywhere. Just look at the history of online petitions to see how little effect they have on gaming companies generally. Money talks.

    Additional dungeons in Tyria could be relatively easy using only Tyrian skills (Codex coding allows skill restrictions, so coding is there), Nm and HM exist, so it's then a question of what might drop from the end chest and then making the dungeon so you cannot SC it.

    And the very real issue is that 99% of players don't even know this site exists so you aren't going to get very far using this site. What you need is to push it using social media and build up a following backed with some hard cash and advertising spend- then you might get the company's attention.

    I'd change those horrible bounty hunts in Elona so that you get points for killing everything, like in EOTN. That would be a nice change and not too hard to code in.

    There are a lot of 'little' changes that could be made if money was raised to pay for a dev for a year.

    Maybe the way to go about this is to approach Anet and ask how much it would cost and would they be willing to employ someone if we paid for it.

    As others have pointed out, a petition is a bit of a waste of time- especially as the vast majority of players have never visited this site and even less have seen the petition.

    Quests are relatively easy to make, dungeons pretty easy.

    An expansion would take way too many resources and is way too complicated - you need to balance any new skills against current ones, design entire maps, mobs, check all the maps, etc. We're talking millions and millions of dollars and at least a year with an entire team.

    New armor, weapon skins, quest lines, rare items and heroes would be a lot easier and therefore much more likely to happen.

    Would be interesting to see how much could be raised, which would give you some leverage. Words won't get things done, but money talks.

    I voted yes. Would love to see an expansion. However, realistically the only way it would happen is for Anet to subcontract the work out to a studio and have player input into what was wanted, and most importantly, set a budget and then Crowdfund it.

    I wonder how much could be raised and how much a decent expansion would cost.

    Maybe rather than a full blown expansion, they could add themed dungeons into the areas that have none- some of which would require you to only use skills available from that campaign (no EOTN skills, for instance, in Kryta dungeon).

    Dungeons like this would be a lot easier to design and implement as well as a lot cheaper than a full blown 'expansion' which I don't think would ever happen.

    Back in my day warrior was the tank.

    DOA took a long time.

    HA was full of real teams.

    GVG was a career, playing 6-8 hours of GVG a day to maintain top 40 position with over 10,000 guilds active.

    Playing monk was a guarantee of a spot everywhere you went.

    Fire Island was like 'OMG'.

    SF was for decent players only and took a long time to clear for just the outside chance of a green drop.

    Parties would form to farm greens.

    Ettins were my main source of income when they used to drop gold runes. Not many people knew about it as we didn't talk about it!

    US and EU servers had separate NPCs for goods and you could transfer between them bringing a pile of ectos and shards to play the markets.

    Ultimate status symbol was a q8 fellblade or chaos axe.

    55 monk ..ahh, the memories.

    Doing things was sometimes hard.

    SC (or spoiled completely as I call it) wasn't a thing.

    UW full clearance took a very long time.

    FoW burning forest bit was usually left until last as most likely place to wipe.

    Luxon guild, the remnants of the lost order, would like to join the alliance. It is just me and one other guy so far, but my guild has full services and isle of meditation GH

    Just to clarify, LGiT has close to 2000 members across 20 guilds ( 10 lux 10 kurz), most of whom are active and most weekends we have several hundred guildies online at a time.

    If you want to join but keep your full GH, I'd suggest you buy a basic new account roll a toon and make it Guild Leader, then you can leave it with your main account and come and join us- and if you decide you don't like us, you still have your GH to go back to.