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    The NoU ally is looking for at least 1 active guild, if not 2 to join our ally.
    We are Kurzick, and a speed clear ally. We mostly do Dungeons, DoA and some UW and FoW.
    There are no requirements, and we do help teach guilds especially for DoA.
    While we mostly focus on SC's, we also do some Urgoz, Zaishen and daily stuff.
    We only ask that you be an active guild, and use ally chat and maybe our TS for runs, especially teaching ones.

    PM me in game if you would like more info or want to talk.

    Lorenna De Vir
    Mr Jct

    why did you blank out your IGN when it says it on your profile? xD

    Because I uploaded it to imgur and I don't want randoms on imgur knowing my IGN xD Here is different I choose to post it here.

    I may hold other giveaways in future, or others may decide to host their own anyone is welcome to hold one, so there could be more in future yes.

    My most precious item is my DF 20/20 Healing Ghostly Staff.
    It isn't even perfect q9 or anything but its my favorite skin in the game with my favorite attribute (healing) and has to drop OS.
    I love it because I picked it up a few years ago in a storage clearance sale on guru for 35k. I could probably sell it now for 100-200e maybe, but I'd never sell it I love this staff. The fact that I managed to pick it up for 35k makes it even better, one persons trash is another persons treasure. I have other items worth much more than this staff but it will always be my favorite and I wouldn't want to replace it for a better q. :)


    Hi all,

    This morning I have rolled to receive our 4 winners.
    The winners are:

    1st Place geromichi (14)
    2nd Place Angel (75)
    3rd Place Helari (2)
    4th Place morda (73)

    Please private message me with your IGN so that I can contact you to give you your prize. I will try to PM you if your profile has your IGN. Thanks all for taking part.


    Hey all,

    The plan was to close this giveaway tomorrow and draw winners even though not all numbers have been taken as people have been waiting patiently to see if they have won :P
    We still have numbers available to take so please post and choose one if you would like to take part.

    Hey all,

    Since we are no longer getting responses to the giveaway and I'm sure people would like to know if they have won, if nobody objects what I think I will do is leave this raffle open to entries till the 30th of June and at that point close it and pick our winners as we still have a large amount of numbers that have not been allocated. If a number comes up that hasn't been selected I will go again until a winner has been chosen.

    In the meantime, let your friends know to enter if they have not already so we can try and give more people a chance to win!

    Hope you don't mind lorenna.

    Cind, #14 already taken. Beep. Try again :P

    Not a problem, thank you very much :D
    I've been on vacation the last week sorry guys!
    Wasn't looking forward to coming back and having to update all the numbers in one go :P
    We still have some numbers left, let your friends know to enter if they have not already so we can give away these prizes!

    Prize List has been updated thanks to generous donations guys :)
    Keep the entries coming! Wont be picking winners till we have all 100 numbers taken so tell your friends to enter too, and only 1 entry per person!

    Going to h ave to go with 69!! because I can't believe it has not been taken yet. thanks for helping make this event fun!

    69 has been taken unfortunately, I'm just in the middle of updating the front post. Would you like to pick a different number? Sorry

    Marty edit: The raffle is closed - prizes were drawn July 9th.

    Hey All,

    Welcome to our new community home for Guild Wars!

    To celebrate the launch of our new forums I'd like to kick off the community section with a small giveaway, just to get everyone posting and to get us started! Hopefully in the future we can get more contests going and more community events info posted here as players have done in various places in the past.

    I'll run a raffle with the numbers 1-100 and you can select the number you would like, on a first come first served basis. I will list the numbers below and the name of the person who has taken a number beside it. I'll try to keep it updated as often as possible but please check the posts below to make sure a number hasn't already been taken before you post! When all numbers are taken I will select the winners for first second and third using a random number generator to find our three winners. There is no requirements to take part and nobody is excluded. One entry per person, double entries will be disqualified.

    First Prize is 200e (Kindly Donated by Zephyr and Enchanted Krystal :) )
    Second Prize is an Three Everlasting Tonics (Destroyer, Avatar of Balthazar and Phantasmal - Kindly Donated by Enchanted Krystal :))
    Third Prize is an Armbrace
    Forth Prize is a Celestial Sigil and x7 Toriimo's Torch (Kindly Donated by Zephyr :) )

    1 - Enchanted Krystal
    2 - Helari
    3 - ACWhammy
    4 - Iris
    6 - Echtelion
    7 - Kevin
    8 - Dzine
    10 - zaishen warlord
    11 - Emperor Mu
    12 - Shadow999991
    13 - Vivec
    14 - geromichi
    15 - Oreo
    16 - Misty
    17 - Darkchief117
    19 - RunAwayTactics
    21 - ekumbokum5
    22 - Emma
    23 - X Chilli
    25 - Lovegood
    26 - Callme Monk X
    27 - Händler
    28 - Dave
    30 - Cind
    31 - MaxBorken
    32 - Happy_Songs
    33 - EtherealDi
    34 - honnaja
    36 - Warrior
    38 - Speccy
    40 - AidanHammerTime
    41 - Vincento
    42 - Vizi
    45 - Dot Rotten
    47 - syntax_error
    48 - Sbkiller
    50 - Tommy
    53 - Chaotic Reaper Shweeper
    54 - Marty Silverblade
    55 - keaz
    57 - TuscanSota
    59 - McMuffin92
    63 - Kill Every Human
    64 - Elzrath
    66 - cosyfiep
    68 - Hrwakka
    69 - Derek
    71 - Zhay
    72 - ectogasm
    73 - morda
    75 - Angel
    77 - StueyG
    81 - Surge goes pre
    82 - bsoltan
    84 - Zephyr
    86 - MrCrow
    87 - wind fire and ice
    90 - Freezie
    94 - Olle
    96 - BJWyler
    99 - Pie
    100 - Karena Rendine