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    Love this thread my friend just sent it to me :D

    Back in my day...people thought that the Ravagers in Bloodstone Fen dropped ectos because of one photo shopped screenshot. It was on the wiki for the longest time too.

    Hi All,

    I'm looking for the following items.

    In a Q9 DF, a 20/20 Healing Ghostly Staff, like the below.


    A Celestial Shield and an Eternal Shield with -2wE and +1 Healing 20%, like the below for no other reason than those are my two favourite skins. I don't mind so much the req on these, but would prefer Q9 or at least Q10.


    Best to PM me on here as most of the time I'm afk in game anyway and might miss your message.


    The NoU ally is looking for at least 1 active guild, if not 2 to join our ally.
    We are Kurzick, and a speed clear ally. We mostly do Dungeons, DoA and some UW and FoW.
    There are no requirements, and we do help teach guilds especially for DoA.
    While we mostly focus on SC's, we also do some Urgoz, Zaishen and daily stuff.
    We only ask that you be an active guild, and use ally chat and maybe our TS for runs, especially teaching ones.

    PM me in game if you would like more info or want to talk.

    Lorenna De Vir
    Mr Jct

    why did you blank out your IGN when it says it on your profile? xD

    Because I uploaded it to imgur and I don't want randoms on imgur knowing my IGN xD Here is different I choose to post it here.

    I may hold other giveaways in future, or others may decide to host their own anyone is welcome to hold one, so there could be more in future yes.

    Hi all,

    This morning I have rolled to receive our 4 winners.
    The winners are:

    1st Place geromichi (14)
    2nd Place Angel (75)
    3rd Place Helari (2)
    4th Place morda (73)

    Please private message me with your IGN so that I can contact you to give you your prize. I will try to PM you if your profile has your IGN. Thanks all for taking part.


    Hey all,

    The plan was to close this giveaway tomorrow and draw winners even though not all numbers have been taken as people have been waiting patiently to see if they have won :P
    We still have numbers available to take so please post and choose one if you would like to take part.

    Hey all,

    Since we are no longer getting responses to the giveaway and I'm sure people would like to know if they have won, if nobody objects what I think I will do is leave this raffle open to entries till the 30th of June and at that point close it and pick our winners as we still have a large amount of numbers that have not been allocated. If a number comes up that hasn't been selected I will go again until a winner has been chosen.

    In the meantime, let your friends know to enter if they have not already so we can try and give more people a chance to win!

    Hope you don't mind lorenna.

    Cind, #14 already taken. Beep. Try again :P

    Not a problem, thank you very much :D
    I've been on vacation the last week sorry guys!
    Wasn't looking forward to coming back and having to update all the numbers in one go :P
    We still have some numbers left, let your friends know to enter if they have not already so we can give away these prizes!

    Prize List has been updated thanks to generous donations guys :)
    Keep the entries coming! Wont be picking winners till we have all 100 numbers taken so tell your friends to enter too, and only 1 entry per person!

    Going to h ave to go with 69!! because I can't believe it has not been taken yet. thanks for helping make this event fun!

    69 has been taken unfortunately, I'm just in the middle of updating the front post. Would you like to pick a different number? Sorry