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    After some weeks between buying, treasuring and farming, today the last weapon of the Ancient collection dropped to a friend when we were going to farm a green bow.

    With this my Ancient weapons collection (plus the Vabbian bows set and Talon Daggers set) is completed, and I've been able finally to update the photos of the Guild Wiki in better quality, which was the second purpose of this project (the first is that I like archeology, Egypt and antiquities, and collecting these weapons from old civilizations -insert Nightfall lore time- has been a joy to me).

    • Ancient Shield
    • Ancient Axe
    • Ancient Scythe (common)
    • Ancient Scythe (uncommon)
    • Ancient Scythe (rare)
    • Ancient Daggers (common)
    • Ancient Daggers (uncommon)
    • Ancient Daggers (rare)
    • Ardeh's Daggers
    • Zelnehlun's Longbow
    • Ancient Flatbow
    • Ancient Longbow
    • Ancient Hornbow
    • Ancient Recurve Bow
    • Talon Daggers (common)
    • Talon Daggers (uncommon)
    • Talon Daggers (rare)
    • Jarimiya's Daggers
    • Hanchor's Daggers
    • Talons of the Forgotten
    • Hooked Daggers
    • Vabbian Flatbow
    • Vabbian Longbow
    • Vabbian Recurve Bow
    • Vabbian Shortbow
    • Maplewood Longbow (this one is not part of the set, is only the wood skin, that matches with the others, thanks to Blind Was My Fury )

    With some weapons I also added the clear view/render below the article page (some daggers). I still have to update the bows though.

    The matching gold value makes this that much cooler!

    I'm really glad you finally found the FDS of 51 gold value, I felt really bad when you whispered to me and it was sold already, I never imagined the coincidece of value with the shield until you told me.

    Back in the day, to enter the Mursaat fortress in Abbadon's Mouth without dying, a high command meeting in the round table had to be set up to create a super master plan.

    The prima guide is a fun look into all sorts of things that changed or got removed between beta and release.

    This is the only information I've found (page 181 of the Prima Guide in .PDF):


    But after page 181 I've read all the tables of materials listed below and NONE mentions the Brick of Mud or Clay Brick. The item is mentioned a few times in the guide (the collector that requires this material, etc) but then, nothing else in the entire guide. Nothing at all.

    So, we have the statement of some users from GW Guru saying that this item indeed dropped, others saying that this item never dropped to them, and this text from the guide saying that can be obtained with normal salvage kits (but the weapon to salvage is never mentioned).

    If the info of the guide regarding the savage kits is correct (let's assume it) according to what Spun Ducky said: "Prima guides were written before the game release" then the Brick of Mud was available in the beta in the Ascalon Foothills, and removed in the game release itself (the item, not the collector, I mean).

    There's a bit of chaos here with the understanding of all the info. It would be easier if an HONEST developer said once and for all: "Yes, this item was available and it could be obtained from <whatever>" or "No, this item was designed but never implemented." and "We removed this item at this point <whatever>."

    But well, at this point in 2020 is useless to think about it, I don't even know if there is still someone from that time working at ArenaNet currently.

    Also, Brick of Mud and Clay Brick are listed as pre-nerf items. As far as I know and from what I can read on the Wiki those items never actually existed in the game (as in nobody ever got a brick of mud or a clay brick in their inventory). Can anybody confirm ?

    As I did yesterday with the unconditional weapons, today I tried to find information about the "Brick of Mud". In the discussion page of the item in the Guild Wiki, an user posted a link to an old thread from GW Guru forums, and I have started to read the pages. The thing is that 5 messages from various users in there may contain interesting information that I didn't see outisde (I mean, the link is saved thanks to the Wayback Machine, but the information inside the thread was never transcribed outside).

    Link from GW Wiki:

    Link from GW Guru:…ead.php?t=10283416&page=2

    Chat of the users in GW Guru:

    • 04-27-2008, 02:10 PM - KamikazeChicken: There was no way to obtain these materials at release, so it's not somebody clearing storage and magically finding them.
    • 04-27-2008, 02:20 PM - KiyaKoreena: Not true, my husband got a mud drop during the first week. (seared Ascalon area) Since there was no use for them he merched it and never got another one. It is possible for someone to have had it on their account for 3 years. Possible, not too likely.
    • 04-27-2008, 02:41 PM - Crom The Pale: If I recall correctly these items were used to craft the Tempored Glass Vial that was then needed for crafting the Vial of Ink.
    • 04-27-2008, 03:39 PM - The Little Viking: Well, if its anything like the rubies...I got one of those when all we had was prophesies. It dropped with in the first 6 months after release. Held on to it too... We eventually had a use for rubies. I recall seeing the the bricks in the past....either just before or just after factions. Never did find a use for them.
    • 04-27-2008, 04:10 PM - tarmongaidon: I've been playing since the beginning and an avid farmer also i have never had them drop nor heard of anyone ever getting them as drops. To my knowledge anet had an idea for them that never was implamented, so they took them out of the game. The fact that neither staoarge or rare mat guy has a slot for them combined with the fact the items in question look very much photoshopped leads me to believe this is a bunch of bs. Yes there are still the guys ingame that will make them just no mudbrick that will drop to make them. If u look closly at the pics of the mud and clay brick all they did was copy/paste and enlarge the pics to what u see in the original picture, somebody's just looking for attention.

    I also opened a new discussion thread in the Wiki (the message is the same) to see if anyone else can confirm this or shed some light on this matter there.

    Nehjab's Thirst (yes, the fu—ing spoon).

    Not because it's nice to look at, but because it dropped after 5 days and killing the boss over 120 times, I swore I'd never go back to that place again. Never.


    Apologies for the bump, but yesterday I had a conversation with another player that collects Paper Fans, one thing led to another and because I like history (regardless of whether it's from reality or a fictional product) my interest in pre-nerf times resurfaced.

    I read the 6 pages from Guild Wars Guru forum posted by Captain Krompdown in message #14 and even having started playing Guild Wars from the first day it came out like many of you (I never played the betas though) I didn't know about unconditional weapons until minutes ago (mainly because I am not American or English, and in those days I couldn't speak or write in English, it's not my native language and I learned it years after this happened, so I never frequented English websites to be aware of all this).

    This has been a really interesting sharing of information of the early days of the game and it's a pity that both websites closed ("Guild Wars Guru" and "TinyPic" image hosting), because there is so much interesting content that has been lost forever. Some GW Guru pages have been rescued thanks to the Wayback Machine - Internet Archive, but the TinyPic photos attached to the threads have all been lost.

    Almost everything has been clear to me, but there is one thing that is not entirely.

    To put in context, from the links in message #14:


    Leriel Frostbringer wrote:

    Some unconditionals came from the divinity coast barrel mentioned here:…php?p=211225&postcount=67

    Here is also some mention about barrel being bugged:…53&viewfull=1#post3559053


    Yawgmoth wrote:

    I was there from the very beginning and I remember huge masses of players playing... but the vast majority of them didn't make it to Lion's Arch by the time unconditionals stopped dropping. I well remember how stupidly low were the chances to get any gold weapon drop at all then, except specific locations, that's why so many unconds come from the bugged Arid Sea barrels that dropped golds enmasse before nerf - likely half of the golds in game at that time came from there.

    So basically, as stated there, the majority of unconditional weapons came from two places:

    1) a barrel from Divinity Coast

    2) a barrel from Arid Sea

    And my questions are:

    1. The barrels these users refer to, are the ones from this link?

    2. Were they removed or converted to normal chests? Because I don't remember seeing barrels in the Arid Sea.

    3. What was the "bugged barrel"? I mean, what was the method to bug it or what did it consist of? Because I can't acces the thread, so it's impossible to read the information inside.

    It amazes me that weapons of this type have survived so long until 2020, really incredible.

    EDIT: Well, this answers my question number #2 it seems:

    1st of all, the chests were newer "Bugged" they were normal part of game as the keylesses excisting now in pre, SF, Uw fow etc are, they were only removed because anet realised it was too easy farm great items from keyless chests that were avaible to everyone.

    2nd of that, those keylesses dropped everything on drop table, as does the keyless chests excisting thesedays, (only white, blue purple tho, as the chests dropping golds were removed)

    WTB Ahmtur Arena screenshots - 5e ea

    * A few can be obtained using the Wayback Machine in GW Guru and The Guild Hall forums (links are in the wiki), so I have those already. Once I have enough to create an archive, this will be updated in the historical content section.

    Little update in my Dervish: Terror Scythe and Stygian Scythe.

    As I always do with martial weapons, I create variations of each type (Sundering, Vampiric, Zealous) to switch them in combat when required, so I appreciate that the developers created two green variations of this same weapon chosing the Vampiric mod for them (+30HP / +20% Enchantments).

    I love the giant eye in the middle of the scythe with the veins marked attached to muscular fibers running along the blade, combining with the shimmering edge and surrounding the whole border (with the Postprocessing activated), I think it has a total demonic essence.


    Thanks Expugnare for mentioning this thread, I didn't know about it and I post the picture in the wrong place (regarding the "How did Guild Wars treat you today?" thread).

    Impressive collections I see here, the Magma Shield collection with all armor variations is absolutely marvelous, I can't imagine how difficult it has had to be. I remember that when GW2 was released many GW1 forum were closed and the threads deleted, with galleries of thousands of photos lost, so I'm happy to see this one standing.

    Gonna see this entire thread since the first page tonight.

    I've been doing this with all my PvE characters since I started playing in 2005 and today I finally managed to have/buy/collect/farm all my Warrior favorite weapons, I started the Warrior set a month ago and today I finished.

    With this one I have Elementalist, Assassin, Ranger, Ritualist and Warrior set of weapons all fulfilled, and now I will go to collect the Dervish ones.

    This is one of the things I like the most of the postgame, collecting or customizing things. Thanks to some users of this forum I've been able to do it, so thank you very much.


    Hello, I'm interested in all this.

    * In color red is the quantity I want of each weapon if possible, please.

    * Prices are negotiable, of course, the weapons are yours. If you think my offer is too low, tell me, please.

    * If possible, before closing the deal, show me the weapons inside the game to confirm they are like I want, because maybe with the short description I can be wrong. I will contact you (or you contact me) when I see you online, my IGN in my signature.

    from Low-End Stuff OS (fulfilled)

    Daggers Q9 15^50

    Dragon Kamas x3 (2e ea)


    from Low-End Stuff Insc. (fulfilled)


    Sephis Axe q9 x2 (2e ea)


    Ebonhand Aegis q9 Str x1 (1e)

    Shield of the Lion q9 Str x1 (1e)


    Air Staff q9 (Normal) x1 (1e)