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    Saw this on reddit and figured it would only be a matter of time until someone else posted here. LOVE hearing that updates are still coming, no matter the size.

    I don't think there's anything to worry about.

    They've stated before that GW cost very little to run and the work we got as of late from my understanding, has been off the clock and if that's all we'll be getting, then I'm be grateful for it. They've also stated that GW2 will continue on as scheduled.

    It just sucks that people will be losing their jobs.

    I was deleting a character today and only then did I realize that runes from bags aren't salvageable. Fourteen years and I never gave it any thought and threw them away.

    Now that a single rune is 10 gold Z coins, perhaps an update might be a good idea so that pouches and bags are salvageable?

    Maybe that could be added to the reddit list of things to do?

    So in the last while I've been noticing that hard mode hasn't been all that hard.

    To clarify, the mobs still hit as hard as before and seem to have the same attack speeds, but their health and armor seem to have been reduced to a point where feels more like medium mode. Am I the only one who's experiencing this?

    I agree Cosy that the cost might've been better at five gold Zcoins each, based on what you're getting for it. In my case, I'll just look at it as long term goals for each character I have.

    Also, the Xunlai upgrade was a fantastic surprise and absolutely welcomed.

    Also wanted to make a note that the upgrades also can be applied to Charr bags.

    Attrition was my original attack inside the wurms but save yourselves along with the res sig, seemed to keep them in a cycle that was just efficient enough to keep them at full strength, along with the acolyte backing them up. I also tried downing the monk so they'd burn through the SY skill in the hopes to overwhelm the rest by wasting their collective pool of energy.

    Even though I've beaten these mobs before (It's been awhile), it confounds me how they were able to maintain a full res party for longer then a 10 minute duration against a full team of wurms that could kill each npc with three hits on average.

    And yeah, the Anet part is just wishful thinking.

    gw300 copy.jpgHas anyone else experienced this issue? You have awakened cavaliers in a full mob where one or two isn't really that bad but when you get 3 or four with a monk back up, the res situation gets out of control. The simplest response is frozen soil to counter with, along with interrupts, but that's difficult to do in wurms. It's also fairly standard that the cavaliers are complimented with melee to destroy spirits. I think the solution to the npcs is to remove either the res sigs, or hardwire mobs in a way that prevents more than two per party.

    Is that even possible and does anyone think it could be changed these days?

    Staying consistent in the way this forum have been run... it's moderation, the staff and the layouts of the forums have been pretty top notch. More of that in whatever direction this forum chooses to go will be good enough for me.

    As for the suggestion for a shout box? I'm on the fence about it. On one hand it really does enhance the community by bringing them closer together, but it also allows for escalation of issues to grow wildly out of control without strict and heavy moderation at all times.

    There are some people who join forums just to troll these spaces and it sours the over all experience for the rest.

    GW Issue 2 copy.jpgThis is a new issue after a large windows 10 update that's made it so whenever I map to other outposts or change zones, the game minimizes to the task bar for roughly 6 seconds showing my wallpaper every time.

    Previous to the update, zone and outpost loading was almost instant with zero minimizing. Has anyone else experiences anything like this before?

    Back before the skill change, Necrotic Traversal was a great way to map the small area that Rurik travelled during the mission. Is there any other way currently to gain access to that path again?


    It's been quite awhile since I've bothered to map anything and for the

    life of me, I can't remember how to uncover this portion next to House zu Heltzer . Anyone remember how to access that spot?

    EDIT: Answer given.

    Can you give specific examples of what happened that soured your opinion of the community?

    I've been a long time player who only PuGs and for the most part, I can say that I've had very positive interactions with the community on a regular basis. I think the only times I've had any issue is with a few traders in Kamadan who don't react well with negotiation. I solve that by not doing trades with them.

    I had imagined that the Charr who initiated the searing knew full well that there was an extremely high probability of death during the event, but were being prodded and manipulated by the Titans to go through with it anyway. That and the Flame Legion uses their people as tools more so than any of the other factions. That and after so many years of humiliation and losses to the Ascalonians, I'm pretty sure that the ones who triggered the searing felt it was worth it. The bulk of the Charr population were up in the northlands and to the east of Ascalon at the time.

    The second question regarding the landscape falls in line with so many other issues with GW2 that it's only the tip of the iceberg. The simplest answer is that with a z axis, Anet created a more suitable environment to jumping while still attempting to preserve features of the original game. Unfortunately there's going to be tons of discrepancies throughout. It's not a lore answer but the most accurate answer I feel you'd get.

    The final answer is no, landscapes normally don't change that much in most environments. Yes weather and water erodes rock, changes rivers course and can wear down hills and mountains but not at the rate that GW2 would have you believe.

    Man made intervention could alter most landscapes in the way you see,

    Constant geological instability is a possibility but on a level that would make building large structures extremely unlikely.

    Or you can say magic altered the landscape or just say the dragons did it...