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    Hearing about this gives me that same type of feels like when you're in game back in the day, and you get "A new build is available" pop up in your chat bar.

    Ten new skills for my characters sounds like a lot of fun and I'm hoping that the sales are decent too.

    Had a really fun time finishing Fissure of Woe and hope to group up again in the future! The second pic was Cosy, myself and a few others back in 2014.

    I know it isn't a lot of notice but Friday (27th) at 4PM EST is still a good time if people are ok with that?

    I'm figuring that we're just having fun so NM should be ok? And if anyone wants to use cons, I'm fine with that too because it's a long play through when doing it normally. We can just meet up at Temple of Ages.

    Look for Auri of Ascalon.

    Posting again because I'm having trouble locking down a time and may have to postpone. It's a little more difficult to get in contact with people than I imagined.

    Sorry all.

    Sorry for the late reply.

    Most likely it would be around 3-4 EST but I'll check with the other two people to confirm it and nail down a time frame, then post it here.

    Looking for a few players this coming Friday (27th) to do FoW. Not looking for speed clear players or experts, just want to have some fun and complete the area.

    So far we have myself and two others willing to go.

    Saw this on reddit and figured it would only be a matter of time until someone else posted here. LOVE hearing that updates are still coming, no matter the size.

    I don't think there's anything to worry about.

    They've stated before that GW cost very little to run and the work we got as of late from my understanding, has been off the clock and if that's all we'll be getting, then I'm be grateful for it. They've also stated that GW2 will continue on as scheduled.

    It just sucks that people will be losing their jobs.

    I was deleting a character today and only then did I realize that runes from bags aren't salvageable. Fourteen years and I never gave it any thought and threw them away.

    Now that a single rune is 10 gold Z coins, perhaps an update might be a good idea so that pouches and bags are salvageable?

    Maybe that could be added to the reddit list of things to do?

    So in the last while I've been noticing that hard mode hasn't been all that hard.

    To clarify, the mobs still hit as hard as before and seem to have the same attack speeds, but their health and armor seem to have been reduced to a point where feels more like medium mode. Am I the only one who's experiencing this?

    I agree Cosy that the cost might've been better at five gold Zcoins each, based on what you're getting for it. In my case, I'll just look at it as long term goals for each character I have.

    Also, the Xunlai upgrade was a fantastic surprise and absolutely welcomed.

    Also wanted to make a note that the upgrades also can be applied to Charr bags.

    Attrition was my original attack inside the wurms but save yourselves along with the res sig, seemed to keep them in a cycle that was just efficient enough to keep them at full strength, along with the acolyte backing them up. I also tried downing the monk so they'd burn through the SY skill in the hopes to overwhelm the rest by wasting their collective pool of energy.

    Even though I've beaten these mobs before (It's been awhile), it confounds me how they were able to maintain a full res party for longer then a 10 minute duration against a full team of wurms that could kill each npc with three hits on average.

    And yeah, the Anet part is just wishful thinking.