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    Hello all!
    We recently aquired [WkB] and would like to recruit and grow. All members are welcome, new and old. We are in [Nite] luxon alliance so there is a lot of both PvE and PvP (ZQ, SC, Running, HA, etc). Relaxed, helpful, laid back alliance.

    I am the leader of [THCs] as well, and as such we have a combined discord for the two guilds that is used for various purposes like HA/GvG forming, build crafting, and more.

    Additionally, we hold monthly discord raffles with special ones for Christmas and the GW anniversary (both were 80a+ giveaways), thanks to some donations.

    [WkB] is currently small, but we'd love to have more active players :)

    Please contact me with any interest!

    IGN: Crason Te Vin

    Discord: Crason#0964

    Hello all!

    We are a PvE and PvP alliance that is looking for more guilds to join!

    At the moment we are currently looking for more active Kurzick guilds to join the alliance so everyone has more people to interact with and play with. We already have a few guilds in the alliance. We like to keep it as a drama-free enviornment :)

    We have teams compete in HA daily, monthly mAT GvG tournament, as well as PvE elements such as ZQ, SC, Dungeons, etc.

    Additionally, we would like to get daily or weekly 4v4 and 8v8 GvG scrims going within the ally for added fun.

    Please reach out to me with interest!

    IGN: Crason Te Vin

    Discord: Crason#0964

    Hello all, i recently made a post in recruitment for one of my guilds that has an asian tag and name, and used them in the post title and now i cannot open the post. When i click the thread, it just returns me to legacy homepage. I would post the link here to show but i cannot access, but it is under recruitment by me. anyone know how i can make the post viewable? the post name was ムegendary ザeros [ムヨヨ寸] recruiting

    Hello all! ムegendary ザeros [ムヨヨ寸] is now recruiting members!
    This is a guild we have newly added to our very large alliance and are looking to build it with active and fun players.
    We are in the [gwam] alliance and own HzH.

    Kurz guild, obby trim, large active alliance and discord
    Daily Alliance Battle cap to keep HzH under our control and help people max titles

    SCs, free runs, pvp, ZQs etc all done daily within the alliance

    Every sunday there is GW trivia with large prizes donated by the alliance (q9 bds's, loads of ectos, crystallines, etc)

    Contact Divine Crason in game with questions or for an invite ! :)

    Hey Zynkh, weve played HA before- Im struggling to find someone trustworthy selling obby trim service for a guild i have, do you still sell obby?

    Hello All!

    Stoned Immortal [THCs] is a newly formed guild built by veteran leadership. We have members with multiple max ranked hero accounts, as well as SC'ers that were previously on UWSC world record teams.

    We are looking for new members with HA/PvP interest, all levels of expereience are accepted; We will have veteran teams for holding halls as well as training teams to help people who do not have HA experience.

    Our current goal is to recruit enough HA players that a team can be formed for HA at any time of the day.

    We are a Kurzick Guild within a very helpful Ha/GvG/PvE alliance full of veteran players.

    • Contests and giveaways!
    • Daily HA capping and Hall Holding
    • GvG rated matches
    • Weekly guild events
    • Active players of all time zones
    • Extremely helpful, knowledgable, and friendly players
    • Many veteran players
    • Daily Zquests
    • Sexy Cape with Trim
    • SC's and Dungeons
    • both Guild and Alliance Discords
    • Many Mission and outpost runners in alliance


    IGN contacts:

    1. Crason Immortal

    2. Crason Holds Halls

    3. Antman One

    Discord contact:


    Join today!