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    Storage clear out. bids end Friday.

    OS Swords

    Long Sword (q9) +15% -10(while attacking)

    2 x Scimitar (q9) 15% ^ 50 (can upgrade)

    Spantha (q9) 15%^50 (Can upgrade)

    Long Sword (q13) 15%^50 (can upgrade)

    Fiery Dragon Sword (q9) Armor +7

    OS Axe

    Spiked Axe (q10) 15% while in stance

    Great Axe (q9) 15%^50

    Os Shields

    Wooden Buckler (q10 tac) -5(20%) +1(20%)

    Wooden Buckler (q9 tac) -2(while enchanted) +30hp

    Wooden Buckler (q9 tac) HP +45 while enchanted

    Round Shield (q9 tac) +30 hp

    Mini pets

    1x White rabbit

    2x Shiro

    1x Water Djinn

    4x Jora

    1x Palawa joko

    2x Nornbear

    2x King Adelbern

    2x Nian

    2x Black Beast of Aaaarrrrrggghhh

    2x Flowstone Elemental

    2x Koss

    1x Flame Dijin

    1x Ooze

    2x Burning titan

    1x Candysmith Marley

    1x Temple Guardian

    3x Freezie

    5x Oola

    2x Charr Shaman

    2x Mandragor Imp

    2x Ventari

    1x Ophil Nahuali

    1x Dredge brute

    1x Whiptail devourer

    Bid on anything you want. Highest bid gets it. (need to get rid of mini pets so if you just want them let me know)

    IGN Marcus Barrak