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    Hey!! sorry haven't been around to watch this but I deleted a bunch and added b/o's for everything. The b/o's are just the most I'd accept but you're more than welcome to whisper me a price and depending whether or not we're both online then I'll sell. It's such a convenience!

    I will make a new thread with new items <3 THANK YOU!


    Reached out to most C/O's and corresponding items have been sold.

    Awaiting a couple others and a future update will come.

    Thanks again! :3

    Hey! Hoping to make some room if possible!

    I'll let this run for a few days and see who reaches out to grab what they want <3

    [q9] heal bds b/o 18a

    Stuff =

    q10 Earth BDS b/o 15a

    q13 Domination BDS b/o 13a

    100 Diessa Chalices b/o 500e/set

    250 Flares = 1100e

    q13 Domination Frog/CC set b/o 30a

    q13 Spawning Power Frog/CC set b/o 50e

    Magmas q9 str H+42 w/E FM +1 20% b/o 15e

    Magmas q13 str +44 wE +10cold b/o 15e

    Magmas q11 str -2wE +9cold b/o 15e

    Magmas q13 str +10tengu -5/20 b/o 15e

    Magmas q13 str -5/19 +9tengu b/o 15e

    Magmas q11 str FM+1/19 +9skele b/o 15e

    Magmas q11 str +42wE crip b/o 15e

    Magmas q13 str +42wE +und b/o 15e

    Magmas q10 str -3wH AM/19 b/o 15e

    Magmas q10 str -2wS IM/19 b/o 15e

    GoTT Tonics =

    EL Cottontail b/o 250e

    Zaishen Chest Tonics =

    EL Cerebral (January)

    EL Searing (February)

    EL Abyssal (March)

    EL Unseen (April)

    EL Phantasmal (May)

    EL Automatonic (June)

    EL Boreal (July)

    EL Trapdoor (August)

    EL Macabre (September)

    EL Skeletonic (October)

    EL Gelatinous (November)

    EL Abominable (December)

    EL Frosty (rare)

    EL Beetle Juice (rare)

    EL Mischievous (rare)

    EL Yuletide (rare)

    EL Transmogrifier (rare)

    b/o 100a

    All Z Tonics 100a b/o

    Please dont make me split them up :*(

    [1] unded peacekeeper c/o = 30a b/o = 30a (awaiting reply)

    [3] torivos rage b/o 50k/ea

    [2] demrikovs judgement b/o 50k/ea

    [2] heleynes insights b/o 50k/ea

    [1] vetauras harbinger b/o 50k/ea

    [1] obsidian guild trim. "Morning Breath" [poo] c/o = 35a b/o 75a

    [20000] zaishen keys b/o 175e per stack

    Thank you!

    Planning some random VQ's (mostly daily or current bonus areas) - eotn/proph from 4/8/2022 until 22/8/2022 then factions :3

    moreover, there will definitely be a bit of fow armor runs once in awhile so if you see my character online just say hello!

    all free- don't worry. it's just nice to have company :x

    q9 curses unid

    q11 fire

    q12 fire unid

    q12 dom unid

    q13 prot

    q9 earth

    q12 earth

    q11 channeling

    q13 illusion

    q13 inspiration

    q11 ES

    q9 soul reaping

    q12 dom cc/frog 40/40 set

    q12 heal frog / q13 heal cc 40/40 set

    q13 communing froggy

    q13 prot froggy

    q13 inspiration froggy

    144 disco balls

    237 mercantile stones

    750+189 mysterious tonics

    40 kegs

    250 rock sets

    44 gold flames

    40 sigils

    14 consets

    please bid away!

    hey quick update Shade paid me the rest this morning . seems like a cool dude giving the circumstance .

    tried to delete this thread and i do not think i can :(


    asura = 60bd/ea

    varesh 60bd

    kuunavang 150bd

    grawl 1400bd

    oni 80bd

    zhed 80bd

    naga raincaller 80bd

    vizu 125bd

    shiroken assassin 80bd

    accepting --> 1a = 6bd