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    Hi. I'm looking for 7 more people to do the skeleton farm for money, exp and trick or treat bags.

    Most of it is explained in this video:

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    For the legendary survivor title you need 1337500 exp without dying.

    Doing this quest nets you 10000 exp. So 1337500/10000 = 133,75 quest completions

    To do the quest you have to capture 3 skeletons inside a crystal. One skeleton is at the start of the Underworld.

    Since you need 134 quest completion and you need to go 3 times into the Underworld for 1 completion you have to go 402 times.

    When you farm with 7 other people 1k goes a long way. 1k equals 8 runs od the Underworld.

    402/8=50,25 So you need 50k to farm the legendary survivor title

    But ultimately you get 1k per quest completion. This means you get 134k and gain 84k in the end. You also get 25 trick or treat bags per quest completion. At the end you should have 134*25 = 3350 trick or treat bags.

    One run takes about 20 seconds.

    402 skeleton* 20 sec = 8040 seconds.

    8040/60 = 134 minutes

    The quest is called

    You get the quest from Mad King Steward

    But before that you have to do the following 2 quests:

    Something wicked this way comes(…ing_Wicked_This_Way_Comes) and Don't fear the Reapers (

    You accept the quest Every Bit Helps and immediately give it up to keep on getting the 3 crystals or you open the chest and put the 3 crystals into the chest and keep on getting new ones.

    You should have at least 402 crystals for the legendary survivor title.

    This is the build you should be running:



    You active Skill 1,2,3 having the skeleton selected and then 5,3, 4 and at the end 6 in case someone died before he could capture the skeleton by clicking on the crystal.

    After collecting the crystal you immediately type /resign so that you're teleported out of the Underworld and a new run can begin.

    After you have the 402 crystals you put them in the chest and switch to the character that needs the legendary survivor title. You can then turn in the quest 134 times.

    I would be happy if I'm able to find some people who want to farm the title or want the gold/bags.

    ing: Earth Hidden