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    GW treated me today with the sad truth that after ~12-13 years of GW absence all my characters and items are deleted/transfered and replaced with bots. After the support's notice that my account was hacked in the meantime, I still had some hopes that my comeback would be with some stuff to work with. Feelsbadman.

    On the positive side, I have a ton of anniversary minis now and still my account based titles.

    Okay, let’s go off topic and have some fun. If someone wants to split this from the original thread, I welcome you.


    Interesting stories, the nostalgic feeling is gigantic. Somehow everything was a bit shady back then, but that's probably what made the scene so interesting. I still wonder today how did many of the people made their gw-fortune. It can't be just trading, as I assume whenever someone like a Todie makes profit, someone else makes loss: bots? ebay (backed by corresponding real financial means)? duping?

    Whatever it was, in the end it was entertaining and interesting as a - back then teenage - outsider. In order not to remain offtopic, here is a nice screen of the abovementioned req9 14% longsword which which I found on my dusty external hard drive.


    • req9 14percent.PNG