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    I bought this exact staff for 5a recently, so 15-20 may be a little high. I personally would not consider re-selling mine for any less than that range, but the market may disagree.

    There is a few bot running for them, probably why the price is so stable/went little lower with the years. But they still drop, just insanely rare like said !

    I'm hoping someone has a screenshot from recent years to actually confirm and put a nail in the coffin of speculation. If they still drop, no matter the odds, SOMEONE has to have proof. I don't care if a botter or a lucky SOB has the proof, it has to exist.

    I'm confident they still drop but I think it's important for the history of GW that we just make sure they actually still do. It seems to be a consensus that the drop rate felt higher in 2011 -- could that be because they stopped dropping due to bug or intention? Maybe when WoC was released they stopped? There are no confirmed drops on the internet after WoC release. It's at least possible that they could have been turned off. More likely, people just stopped playing WiK as heavily and the game was winding down/dying for its little GW2 release hiatus, but man is it weird that they seemed to be all over the place in 2011 and are now very difficult to find for sale. Even if 100x the people were playing WiK in 2010-2011, you would expect that SOME would appear now.

    I remember several guildies getting Isaiah and Dorian in 2010 when we were all doing the dailies, well, daily. Now? Some people have been doing WiK for years and have no minis to show for it. That doesn't discount the possibility of drops, obviously these guys are stupidly rare, it just calls it enough into question that I think proof uploaded to the Wiki would be valuable for the history of GW. This is something that, if the game shut down today, would be inconclusive at best.

    We have no way of knowing for sure that they're staying in the economy and going down due to new drops. It could just be the perception that they still drop/are botted rather than a reality that they still drop/are botted. Maybe all that enter the economy are from 2011 when they seemed to drop more(possibly). There is a steady stream of returning players who thought the game died in 2011/2012 and are rediscovering it. There has been that steady stream since the revival in 2014-ish. We can not be sure without a screenshot. Also, they're boring looking minis and are already too expensive for most people to buy. Them dropping in price is really no surprise at all if there is even the perception they still can drop. They are boring looking minis that 1% of the population can afford. That 1% can also afford more expensive minis that are actually impressive. I don't think anyone is really impressed by the WiK minis because they're on that fringe of "expensive but not that expensive" while also not looking all that cool. I suspect the average wealthy-ish player would rather buy a pbear or ghostly, even though those are more common.

    It has been speculated for nearly a decade now that they might have stopped dropping...I'm quite sure it's just a low drop rate issue(one in ten thousand was speculated once on the wiki...) but it would be really nice to have visual confirmation. As far as I can tell, no one has ever posted a photo of one dropping on the internet after 2011. Like, ever??? It just seems like we need to get visual proof they still drop since they're too rare for one person to ever meaningfully test it.

    This is not the usual kind of comment here but also doesn’t deserve a thread I think. Does anyone have a confirmed drop(hopefully screenshot?) of a WiK mini in the last 5 years? Dorian/Isaiah specifically? They’re so rare that there is no data. I have seen speculation they may not even drop after some time in the early 2010s, and with the drop chance there is really no way to test it.