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    I see, I missed that thread.

    This reminds me the troll who has been selling the Q8 Crystalline for +4 years and every time when someone whispers him with an offer he says "too low sorry", imagine how arrogant someone must be to waste time doing this in a game that is literally dead.

    I am new to the Forum, but want to give an honest opinion about the person selling the q8 crysta:

    I saw the trade chat one day and i am NOWHERE NEAR being able to afford such an item :D I was just genuinely interested in the price of said item and asked the player for a price describing my situation and making clear that i was just asking for a price to get a feel for the value of such item and was not interested nor able to buy. We had a small chat, i think she said something about ++1750a, i was shocked (and am still dreaming of having such a treasure), talked about how to trade this crysta since the trade window is limited and said our goodbyes. I wished her good luck selling and we went our ways.

    So maybe it was a different case with me because i was honest to begin with AND am not a potential buyer, but there was no rudeness or f'ing off or anything.

    I am not saying that your experience with her is invalid, i am just saying there's some nice experience with her too :)

    I was happy to get any answer besides insults or no comment at all from her :3


    Ps.: i think SoloMentality said she a girl so maybe we should adress HER as one, even tho she not here :)

    pps.: I just saw the date of the last post, i didn't want to stir in old wounds :P Only wanted to share my experience!

    Thank you very much for your answer :) I Wasn't hoping for much, i started playing regularly again after years of more or less pause and am still trying to get a feeling for prices again.

    And btw i sold the shadowstaff in the meantime for 20e which is pretty lucky considering your answer and the risk i took not to wait for it :D

    thanks again!

    Can be closed!

    Hi dear community,

    i'd like to make sure, that i do not waste any of my items by giving them away or merching them without knowing their value.

    If you could help me get some prices, i would be very grateful :)

    (As title says mostly insc. q9 and few OS weaps.)



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