Xunlai Marketplace Rules

Guidelines for Xunlai Marketplace

Guild Wars Legacy (GWL) reserves the right to issue warnings, suspend or terminate the registration of users who refuse to comply with these rules. Guild Wars Legacy (GWL) may modify these rules from time to time and such modifications will be effective and binding as soon as they are posted unless another date is specified.

Be sure you have read, acknowledged and understood the forum rules.


1 Rules on Bumping

2 Bumping to close a thread

3 Multiple threads

4 Non-bid violations

5 Thread listings

6 Thread titles

7 Maintaining and Closing threads

8 Alternate Accounts

9 Illegal trades

10 Other Violations

11 Service threads

12 Price check threads

13 Complaints

1. Rules on Bumping

• Any post by you in your own thread is considered a bump.

• Upon making your new thread, you must wait 24 hours or more before posting again in that thread.

• Once you have submitted a new post, you must wait another 24 hours before posting again in that thread.

• When posting a bump, you may add any text you wish, within reason.

• You are free to edit bumps just like your original post.

If you discover you have accidentally bumped early:

Edit the top post immediately to delete all content and write, ***CLOSED, EARLY BUMP***.

If we can see you immediately closed the thread, you can avoid an infraction.

You must then wait 24 hours before you post a new thread in that section.

2. Bumping to close a thread.

Do not bump your thread to close it, simply edit the Title of your Thread and put "Close" in it. Bumping a thread to close it will result in an infraction.

3. Multiple threads.

• You may have only ONE thread open in each area of Xunlai's at one time:

Sell, Buy, Services, Price Check and Giveaways.

• Rather than open a new thread, you can always click EDIT at the bottom of your original post to ADD new items ** In Price check you will need to open a new thread for new items!**

• Our forum will refuse you to make a new thread when a thread of yours is already open - it will point you to your currently open one.

• You can create a new thread when your current one is closed, however, make sure to wait 24 hours since your last post in order to avoid a warning.

• If you accidentally created a new thread too soon, add the following note into it to avoid getting a warning: *** EARLY THREAD, PLEASE REMOVE ***

4. Non bids

• Post a bid or do not post.

• Advice, questions and comments should be done via private message, ingame whispers, or email.

• Any post that does not contain a clear and legitimate bid is considered to be a non-bid post.

• The posting of a bid to make your conversation within a thread “legitimate” will not be tolerated and may result in an infraction.

•There is no reason to post more than once in a thread unless you have been out-bid. If you need to retract or decide to change your bid edit your existing post. If you have been out-bid you MUST make a new post!

• In short: post your bid, your IGN and contact information and nothing else or you risk an infraction!

5. Thread listings

Which forum to post in:

Sell -- This section is for selling items

Buy --This section is for buying items

Services -- This section is for both offering services as well as obtaining services. These may include: farming, running, ID'ing items, etc.

Price check --Post here to request other users' help on pricing if you can not find the information in the Price Guides.

Giveaways -- This section is for offering free items or services, not for asking or begging.

6. Thread titles

You are allowed only one "divider" symbol between items/categories and NONE at the beginning of your title. Keep it simple and to the point.

7. Maintaining and Closing threads

Closing Threads:

• Edit the Title of the Thread to ADD "close/closed" to it.

• Do not edit the rest of the thread/title to indicate the thread is closed. Leave it as is.

• If you fail to do this, your thread will remain open and you will not be able to make any new threads in that section.

• Remember: Do not bump your thread to the front to say "closed", this will result in an infraction.

Thread Maintenance:

Make sure to keep your top post updated. As you sell items and receive offers, update your top post, thread title and thread designation so potential buyers can see the relevant information.

8. Alternate accounts

You are not allowed to use multiple accounts to gain any kind of advantage:

• Shill Bidding: Bidding/bumping in your own thread using an alternate account.

• Using another account to post anywhere in GWL while banned.

• Multiple Accounts Posting: The normal rule of one thread per forum section applies across all your accounts. Not per account

• Any violation will result in all alternate accounts being closed permanently and a lengthy ban (1-4 weeks) to the primary account (the one with the most posts)

• Users who share a computer or internet connection are easily misinterpreted as being a single user with alternate accounts.

If you share a computer or internet connection with another GWL user, please inform a member of the Xunlai's staff. Remember to add both your GWL user names.

• If you do not ensure we have this information, you risk having your threads closed and your accounts sanctioned.

• Under no circumstances may people who share a computer or internet connection post in each others threads. You also may not have threads open in the same section at the same time. You will have to take turns.

• You are never allowed to post on behalf of a user whose GWL account is currently banned.

9. Illegal Trades

The following may not be traded or sold:

• Items, money, keys, etc from games other than GuildWars (this INCLUDES GuildWars 2 items!)

• Third party software that interacts with the game.

• Ingame items transported to parts of the game where they don’t belong through glitches or other violations of the EULA.

• Physical real world items or money.

• Character builds, written game information, or any other derivative works.

• GW accounts, CD keys and login details.

• "lottery" tickets or other similar "chances to win".

• You are only allowed to sell items you have on your account(s). If you are selling an item on behalf of another user, you must have the item on your account.

10. Other Violations

• Recruiting - Do not attempt to recruit guild members. There is a section for this: Guild Connections.

• Links - Do not post links to other sites in your thread, except for direct URL or IMG links to a picture of the items you are selling, links to item descriptions on the official or unofficial wiki.

• Purely decorative pictures are not allowed. Neither are "fake signature" pictures or pictures containing IGNs that aren't your own. Images with no direct connection to GuildWars will be deleted.

• Redirecting - Do not redirect potential buyers to other sites in order to conclude transactions.

• Heavy Images - If we deem a picture is too heavy, we will remove the IMG tag and replace it with URL, delete the image or close the thread.

• Do not post in threads belonging to: Family members, roommates, or employees even if your sole intent is to purchase the item. Contact them through PM or whisper if you wish to make an offer on their listings.

• Fake sales - Do not list an item for sale if you do not have it on your account or if it does not exist. We retain the right to close threads and request visual confirmation of the item ingame and take further action if required.

• Fake bids - We have seen a number of insincere bids on items. For this reason, we retain the right to contact bidders ingame to confirm that they have the funds to back their bid. We reserve the right to delete bids or inform the involved parties of the results of these inquiries.

• Do not post in old threads: If a thread has not been edited or bumped by the user who posted it for a couple weeks or more, it is safe to assume he has abandoned it! Posting in such a thread will likely serve no purpose except pushing another user's new and active thread off page one. If you think there's is still a chance the user could be interested in selling/buying the items listed, feel free to contact him through PM or ingame whisper. Posting in such threads often might get you banned.

• Do not link to other user's threads in Xunlai's: You may not link to threads belonging to other users, however you are allowed to post a link to any other threads you may have in Xunlai's.

11. Service threads

Services threads are either for seeking a service or offering a service. Please use the correct prefix.

• Feedback - You may only post service feedback in a thread if:

You have obtained the service AND

You already left a post in the thread requesting service (you may not leave feedback if you did not previously post requesting the service)

Edit the post where you requested the service and add your feedback there, leaving your original request intact. DO NOT write a new post, it will be considered a NON BID.

• Prohibited Services - Do not make a thread offering or requesting these services:

Champ Point farming.

Do not request free services.

Anything that involves a breach of the GW EULA (account sharing, ladder manipulation, etc.).

12. Price check threads.

• This section is for price checking of items only.

• If you have new items to price check make a new thread, do NOT add them to an old thread or delete contents of the original post of a price check thread as these should be available for future references.

• To close a price check thread simply add the word CLOSED to the title or at the top of the first post. DO NOT DELETE anything from either the title or the contents of the thread.

• You are not allowed to take or make offers for items under any circumstance. You can show interest or say an item should be listed for sale.

Updated from May 2019

• Discussion without specific value is allowed providing there is reason to discuss. Only comments pertaining to value and people’s reasons for it will be allowed.

• Thread creator can reply to questions and ask further questions on the item(s) within 24 hours. (Early bumping for no reason won’t be allowed).

• Replies don’t have to give a specific price because we appreciate that sometimes a value can’t be given.

13. Complaints.

If you feel you have been untreated unfairly, please contact the moderator in question.

If you need to complain about a moderators actions, contact the Xunlai's very important Agent: cosyfiep

We reserve the right to delete/close/alter threads and posts for other reasons than those listed here. If you find your thread was deleted without reason, PM a moderator for the reasons why.