Guild Wars Guru Archive

Following the shut down of Guild Wars Guru, an archive of Guild Wars Guru was provided on Guild Wars 2 Guru, that unfortunately was short lived and never returned.

Guild Wars Legacy stepped in and decided to bring back an archive of the website that was provided by Smoke Nightvogue. Guild Wars Legacy has provided this archive and has hosted it ever since.

You can now visit the archive on - HOWEVER, keep this in mind: this isn't a real backup, but rather parts of the website tied together. Huge chunks of the site are still missing, you can't use search and navigation isn't buttery smooth - however, you can find a LOT of information in it and you're able to recover images, posts etc.

This is the single most expensive part of Legacy to host, being over 100 GB big. If you use this often, please consider donating to Guild Wars Legacy.

Donating to Guild Wars Legacy enables us to continue hosting this special community.

Special thanks to Smoke Nightvogue for providing these files!


Questions and inquiries about this archive can be sent using this contact form.