1. Legacy Team Member

    This user is a member of the Legacy Team
  2. Wise Guru

    This member was a moderator at Guild Wars Guru
  3. Wintersday Contest 2016 Winner

    I won in the Wintersday Contest 2016!
  4. Founder

    A rare prize, given only to the select few that are responsible for the creation of Guild Wars Legacy
  5. Wintersday Contest 2017 Winner

    I won in the Wintersday Contest 2017!
  6. Celestial Dog

    I won in the Canthan New Year 2018 contest, the Year of the Dog!
  7. White Mantle Supporter

    This user supports the true rulers of Tyria, The White Mantle!
  8. Shining Blade Supporter

    I support the Shining Blade and the true kings and queens of Kryta!
  9. ArenaNet employee

    This member works for ArenaNet
  10. 3000 points

    I have collected over 3000 points on Guild Wars Legacy!
  11. Benevolent Dictator for Life

    "By my divine hand you will pay for your heresy!"
  12. Team Dwayna 2018-2019

    Dwayna lost, only charcoal for you.
  13. Team Grenth 2018-2019

    I was part of Grenth his team and helped him to victory!
  14. Wintersday Contest 2019 Winner

    Don't eat the yellow snow!
  15. Four years

    I have been a member for 4 years!
  16. Uploaded Avatar

    I uploaded an avatar!
  17. The Honorable

    An exemplary user, whose accomplishments need no introduction.