low req Scythe farming ( requires Elonian Character )

  • Hello everyone ,

    this is my first post here , and sorry for my bad forums skills

    could not find this farm posted anywhere so i thought i will share it with you guys.

    Location : Mehtani Keys

    quest : War Preperations ( Wind and Water ) ( only Elonian Characters )

    foes : Water Djin level 15 ( x11 total )

    difficulty level : easy

    Class : i use Dervish with skills template : OgCkkeq6ayqU333V4132AmFozlqI

    downsides : quest is primary , if you want to proceed with story .. you will have to finish it and lose farming access

    Description : Starting from Kodlonu Hamlet while War Preperations ( Wind and Water ) is active , run to sailors till they show on ally panel , find a safe spot to wait for sailors to be killed and disappear from ally panel ( not sure but i think it affects deop rate ).

    run to right or left corner , kill, collect, restart.

    IGN : Pyre Teh Wild Shot

    enjoy and good luck farming

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  • ty for share ddnt know about that quest, i think drop the 80% of mine in lathenda bog from corsairs

    welcome , i did lahtenda bog , mainly farming for q3 shields ( lvl 12 insects + lvl 12 skree )

    corsairs can drop q0 scythes too in Lahtenda