Question about UA Monk equipment in Speed Clears

  • Hello everyone,

    I've been away from this game for years, and back when I played UA monks weren't used in speed clears at all, or at least very rarely. I therefore have some questions about the equipment in this build (I assume it will be the same for any other team build with a UA monk):

    1. Why the +3 Protection rune on armor that is not the headpiece? I figure that the way you play this type of monk is by switching to your +4 Divine Favor headpiece and 40/40 Divine Favor set to cast UA, then put on your Protection headpiece to cast the other spells.. Why do you need the other +3 rune?

    2. Why a 20/20 healing offhand? I understand that the enchantment weapon is for your seed, and I understand that you need a focus for the 20% skill recharge. However, what does the 20% cast speed on healing spells do? The build uses a Healing Prayers stat of 0 and nothing in the bar is affected by it, so why not a Divine Favor focus? Did they change Seed of Life to be affected by Healing Prayers recharge and cast time reductions? Or is that an error and should say "20/20 Protection Prayers offhand"?

    And why does this build: say a staff is also an option, but for one-handed weapons it says "sword", in addition to offering a shield as an option instead of a focus?

    It appears to me that only the 20% enchanting is what matters, but the first link does say "healing 20/20 offhand" as the item you should use. I can't make sense of it.

    3. Why do many builds on PvX say "melee weapon" for the +20% enchantment duration weapon? I used to be a PvP player and spears are what is used there, and even back when I still played and did speed clears many people used spears. Does having a ranged weapon equipped alter enemy behaviour? If so, does it only apply to martial weapons? I'm asking because the second link says you can use a staff (ranged after all) or sword. What is the reason behind it?

    Thanks a lot!

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