ReShade with DepthBuffer!

  • Ahai!

    Newcomer here! Thought I would share something a friend and I made a few years ago: a modded ReShade that unlocks the depthbuffer for GW (think depth blur, ambient occlusion... even RTX lol). Nothing ground breaking, but I never found anyone post a package specifically for GW. Link to full post here!

    Lets see some beautiful screenshots of Tyria's incredible peoples and landscapes!

    UPDATE: you no longer need my modded version of ReShade for depth effects! As of ReShade 5.x, you simply need to download the version of ReShade with "full add-on support". Ignore the warning about it being only for single player games. No form of ReShade (with depth buffer access or without) has ever been officially whitelisted by ANet, but I've never heard of anyone getting banned for using ReShade, and ANet have generally suggested they are fine with client side cosmetic filters and mods like these.